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Waiver Wire and Practice Squad Notes

"Lord, please give us some marginally talented players."
"Lord, please give us some marginally talented players."

So, I'm going to start a thread here to discuss our transactions today in the so-called "mini-draft." I've separated everything into Practice Squad, Waiver Wire Claims, and Bye Bye Birdie for our cut players that are going elsewhere. I will wait until they are confirmed to add them here.

Practice Squad

  • CB Donnie Fletcher
  • TE Hayden Smith
  • OLB Ricky Sapp
  • T Paul Cornick
  • LB Marcus Dowtin
  • WR Royce Pollard
  • WR Jordan White

Waiver Wire Claims

  • DT Isaako Aaitui, Miami Dolphins. He was a UDFA who was on the practice squad for the Dolphins last year under Tony Sparano. According to one report, he had a strong preseason, is a hard worker, and is a prototypical 3-4 nose tackle.
  • TE Konrad Reuland, San Francisco 49ers. Here is an interesting article about Reuland. He is nicknamed the Garbage Man because he can catch almost any pass, which is good since Sanchez/Tebow throw up a lot of garbage. I've heard his blocking somewhat iffy, but he went to high school with Sanchez, which should make for interesting chemistry.
  • WR Clyde Gates, Miami Dolphins. Gates is known for his speed, but doesn't have exceptional route running ability or very good hands, apparently. Supposedly a David Clowney look-alike.

Bye Bye Birdie

  • RB Terrance Ganaway was picked up by the St. Louis Rams. The Jets were hoping he would clear waivers; apparently that did not happen.
  • TE Dedrick Epps was cut from the team right after Reuland was signed.
  • DT Martin Tevaseu (MTV) was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts.
  • DE Marcus Dixon has been cut from the team.
  • S Antonio Allen has been cut from the team. This I do not understand. I'm expecting practice squad, but consider me shocked.

Remember, in the long run, these waiver wire moves mean little, so do not get caught up in them. They are marginal players, so let's not act like we're signing stars here. "Only 1 of 10 players Jets claimed off waivers on Labor Day weekend from 2009-11 is still with team: Patrick Turner."