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Final Cuts Announced, 53 Man Roster Set (For Now) !

New York Jets wide receiver Jordan White just didn't do enough!
New York Jets wide receiver Jordan White just didn't do enough!

Good Morning Gang Greeners!

So the final cuts were announced last night, and there really weren't too many surprises:

RB — Terrance Ganaway

WR — Royce Pollard, Jordan White

TE — Hayden Smith

OL — Paul Cornick

LB — Ricky Sapp

DB — Donnie Fletcher

These seven joined the 15 that were cut earlier in the day:

WR — Joseph Collins, Eron Riley

OL — Robert Griffin, Fred Koloto, Matt Kroul

TE — Tarren Lloyd

DL — Jay Richardson, Martin Tevaseu

LB — Marcus Dowtin, Brett Roy

DB — LeQuan Lewis, D’Anton Lynn, Julian Posey

P — Spencer Lanning

So what happens now? all of these players will make their way through the NFL waiver wire. If they clear waivers, the players who are eligible for the practise squad can be re-signed Saturday afternoon. We will continue to look at any players that have been cut from other teams and the 53 we have now may not be the 53 that we finish with.

The current 53 man roster was given the weekend off, and they will return to the practise facility Sunday night, ready for their first practise Monday morning. Football season is just a week and a day away. We will do our best to keep you up to date with any signings we may make over the next few days.

Are there any players in here you think we should not have cut? I was actually a little disappointed to see Donnie Fletcher get cut, I thought he had a better pre-season than Trufant. Jordan White was a little inconsistent through camp but then again at least he played unlike Chaz. Dowtin has some talent and I still find it such a shame that Ricky Sapp can't seem to stay healthy.