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Flight Connections 08-06-12


Woody Johnson issued a statement regarding the death of Andy Reid's son Garrett Reid.

Matt Simms made an impression during the Green and White Scrimmage.

Tim Tebow's presence has been good for businesses in Cortland.

Josh Baker hopes to make the team by being versatile.

Nick Mangold watched his sister compete in the Olympics yesterday.

Brandon Moore and Nick hope they can be a physical running team again.

Aaron Maybin wants to be a dominant player.

Tim Graham reacts to all the attention that Mayhem has been getting.

Whether it's Nick Folk or Josh Brown, Mike Westhoff wants his kicker to be consistent. shares video of highlights of Curtis Martin's Hall of Fame speech.

Jets Twit shares the experience of watching the enshrinement at Canton.

The Fifth Down previews Gang Green's season.

Infinite Jets keeps rolling along with the players who have worn #62, including Todd Burger.

There's a chance that Jonathan Vilma might still play this season.

However, the NFL denies that they are considering a deal with the suspended Saints.

Lastly, here is Tony Sparano at training camp: