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Flight Connections 08-31-12


Aloha, Gang Green Gangsters! Head on over to our Black Friday Thread to keep tabs on who has been cut and who survives as a Jet.

Jenny Vrentas: The Jets enlist ex-military members to help build unity and leadership.

Brian Costello: Mike Tannenbaum breaks down the frantic hours after roster cuts.

Bob Glauber: Rex Ryan is back to being his confident self.

Tim Smith: Rex could be on the hot seat if the offense resembles the preseason mess.

Nick Folk had a pretty good kick to end the first half last night. Hopefully, he can do that under real game situations as well.

Terrance Ganaway finally scored a touchdown for Gang Green, as you can see in this video.

Jason Smith wasn't half bad last night.

Brandon Moore and his wife are donating supplies to schoolchildren in Newark.

Quinton Coples hopes to be in better condition for the regular season.

Damon Harrison talked to Kristian Dyer about Hurricane Rita.

Wayne Chrebet will be signing memorabilia in September. (H/T Erik Manassy)

Jets players enjoyed tweeting with fans on the way to Philadelphia last night.

The team went to the kickoff luncheon downtown before heading off to Philly.

Judy Battista previews the division.

The Fifth Down shares a quarterback primer for fantasy.

The Buffalo Bills believe they can compete in the division.

ESPN believes the Buffalosers Bills will be better than the Jets.

Only one guy three guys at believes the Jets will makes the playoffs.

The Dolphins were grounded by a couple of jets the other day.

Feeling bad about the roster cuts? Feel better by checking out these cute kitties.

Speaking of animals, this last month will be your last chance to drive through the Six Flags safari, because starting next year, only the staff will be doing the driving.

Enjoy your Aloha Friday. I'm off to write my new screenplay called "Gang Green Gangster" starring Scott Salmon and his new catchphrase, "It's time to end this."