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Black Friday Thread

"Hey Mark! Tim! THIS is how you score a touchdown!" - QB Greg McElroy
"Hey Mark! Tim! THIS is how you score a touchdown!" - QB Greg McElroy

Hey there. Today is Black Friday, aka cutdown day. Today, the teams have to cut their rosters down to 53 players. Anyone who makes it through the waiver wire can be assigned to the practice squad. The teams have until 9:00 PM EST tonight to finish their cuts, so I'll periodically post updates here on who has been cut, when I know it. This is a good article to read about keeping some perspective during the final cuts.

Feel free to use this thread to post updates in case I miss it, to speculate who is about to get the ax, or to weep over your favorite player that was just handed his pink slip.

Cut so far: WR Joseph Collins, CB Donnie Fletcher, CB LeQuan Lewis, LB Ricky Sapp, OL Paul Cornick, OL Fred Koloto, CB Julian Posey, DL Jay Richardson, TE Tarren Lloyd, DL Damon Harrison, DL Martin Tevaseu, CB D'Anton Lynn, LB Marcus Dowtin, CB Ryan Steed, QB Matt Simms, WR Eron Riley, OL Robert Griffin, OL Matt Kroul, P Spencer Lanning, DL Brett Roy.

Please keep in mind that certain players, like Sapp and Harrison, are likely to return to the practice squad, so don't assume all hope is lost.

Edit: I mentioned that John Conner's job might be in jeopardy. It seems that they will likely keep him, although, as Manish Mehta said, nothing is 100% certain.

Edit 2: Some of these cuts may be in flux, such as Harrison and Simms. It seems the team hasn't told them yet, but likely will later, so consider all of these as unconfirmed but probable until we post a final cut list either tonight or tomorrow.