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NFL, NFLPA Agree To New Trade Deadline, IR Rule

Finally the two have an agreement, hallelujah!

SB Nation Reports:

The trade deadline will be moved from Week 6 to Week 8, which could spur more trading around the deadline. The deadline will actually be the Tuesday after Week 8. The problem with having it early is that most teams still believe they have a shot in Week 6 and are therefore unwilling to part with star players. By moving it back two weeks we could see more action.

The old injured reserve rule meant that once a player was placed on IR his season was over. With the new IR rule, teams can place one player on IR and bring him back later in the season, giving each team more roster flexibility, especially for star players like Terrell Suggs who will miss most of the season.

Increased trade activity and the ability to bring a star player back if he heals quicker than expected. I really like the rule changes, and don't really have much else to add. What are your thoughts on this?