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Welcome To The Jets, Spencer Lanning!

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As many can see from the fanshot that was added earlier today by sportsfank97 the Jets have added another punter to the roster for the final week of pre-season.

I'm always wary of any player that has been floating around the league and not one, not two but three teams passed him up and cut him without getting any regular season action.

However, Spencer attended the university of South Carolina. He finished his career with 171 punts for a 42.6 yard average downing 46 of those punts inside the 20 yard line. He also spent his last two years at South Caroline kicking field goals, connecting on 34 of 44.

Lanning was signed by the Chicago Bears after going undrafted in 2011. He competed with Adam Podlesh to make Chicago's final roster, but was part of the final cuts as he lost the battle. He was then signed in January by Jacksonville and released in April. He was then signed by the Browns earlier this year and we claimed him off the waiver wire.

He seems to have had a decent college career, then again T.J Conley had an excellent college career. It will be interesting to see if he can make an impressive against the Eagles this week, but my gut feeling is that we still go with T.J as our starting punter.