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No Touchdowns? No Problems For Tony Sparano.

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"Dude what are you looking at? what do you mean I haven't scored any TD's?"
"Dude what are you looking at? what do you mean I haven't scored any TD's?"

It seems as though only the Jets are capable of making headlines with what they didn't do in the pre-season, I was surprised to flick ESPN on and see that as one of the main headlines on the ticker. I guess whatever we do, it sells.

Well I'm sure a few of you are concerned about the lack of touchdowns this pre-season, first team in 35 years to not score one through 3 pre-season games. However Sparano is not panicking and neither should we:

"We want touchdowns, there’s no question about it," Sparano said. "Make sure you put that in the headlines: We want touchdowns, not field goals."

"I wasn’t discouraged at all," Sparano said about his team’s latest performance. "I actually came out of that feeling really good about some of the things that we made progress with."

I completely agree. We are not as far away as some think we are. There were a couple of plays that we left on the field against the Panthers. That throw to Hill in the end zone should have been completed and that stops the talking heads making a mountain out of a molehill.

Lets look at the positives, we now have a line capable of keeping Sanchez clean (well let's hope, I'm not ready after one pre-season game to anoint Howard as the saviour). We haven't seen the Tebow package in operation yet and love him or late him, he did have success in Denver with his read options and tucking the ball and running.

Sanchez looked a whole lot better against Carolina. Had it not been for the drops, his completion % was probably tipping 80% and when you consider he threw the ball down the field more, that's really encouraging.

I touched on it in the game recap, it was obvious that Sanchez and Stephen Hill were starting to form some chemistry. Holmes won't be as quiet as he was against Carolina. I really think that McKnight will be more involved on 3rd down in the season, he just needs to take some tips from Powell on pass protection.

It's frustrating not to have some touchdowns on the board, but if we score a couple touchdowns against Buffalo, who's going to really care that Sanchez hasn't led us to single touchdown in 15 pre-season drives, and Tebow has been just as bad, if not worse.

I would love to pull out an old English popular "Don't Panic! Don't Panic!" from Dad's Army, but I don't think many will get it. So just trust us and don't panic, there are a lot of things to like, the touchdowns will come.