Dominate the Bills in Week 1 or Gain No Respect

Week 1 is very important for us to win. The reason I say this is because of the media coverage it would bring if we lost that game. I can see it now: "Trouble in Paradise" or "Tebow Watch." Additional headlines would consist of Rex Ryan being on the hot seat or predictions of our record being 4-12.

I am very confident about us winning a lot of games this year. I feel that if don't win in Week 1. I'm throwing in the towel because it's a wrap. I honestly feel that the Bills talent without a doubt, is inferior to ours. With that being said, we have to go to the Week 1 game and handily beat Buffalo, shut their fans up and let the rest of the league know that we isn't lying down for nobody. We need to shut them out or beat them by three touchdowns or better. By beating Buffalo bad, it would quiet down the media so we won't have any noise on the outside causing distractions while preparing for the Steelers.

Dominating Buffalo would fire the team up to a point we may go on a war path the rest of the league would fear. I feel that if we dominate the Bills where they cannot score. Our players may have an mean streak where we may cruise all the way to the Bye week at 8-0. Going 8-0 maybe hard but it's not unachievable. Momentum from the Buffalo game could cause a hurting in the AFC because we would be 7-0 in the conference already and 3-0 in the division. We would be a early contender for Home-Field advantage. Before I get carried away with predictions. Let me get back to Buffalo.

So called analysts feel that Buffalo have gotten better on defense. I still honestly believe their offense cannot beat our defense. By judging, our defensive line. Not too many teams is going to have success running the ball and when you cannot run the ball, you have to throw it, by throwing to our corners will get opposing Quarterbacks to throw a pick-six. Avoiding our corners leave one option: Tight End. Throwing to the middle of the field is going to get a player laid out or sent to injured reserve by our by our newly acquired safeties.

I feel Buffalo defense haven't gotten much better during the offseason. Yes, the Bills may have gotten help with their pass rush but last time I checked. Our run blocking capabilities in the middle have been far superior to their run stopping abilities. Analyst are raving about their rookie CB but we don't need to throw his way because we will run the ball up the middle every time. I would prefer that we throw to their rookie CB anyway because I feel confident, if we put our newest rookie WR on him. His duties would be filled for the game. Our second round rookie maybe better than their first round rookie. We just have to wait and see!.

Buffalo Bills lost 5 games straight to us and honestly. I don't see them beating us for 5 more. If they do, I officially say we in for a long season.

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