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GGN Mailbag #2

"You! Yea, you! Y'all look GOOOD tonight, baby!" - QB Cam Newton to DE Quinton Coples
"You! Yea, you! Y'all look GOOOD tonight, baby!" - QB Cam Newton to DE Quinton Coples

Hey folks. Today is our second mailbag of the nascent season. Feel free to e-mail us with questions regarding players, the team as a whole, or GGN as a website. Whatever you want. I’m going to slightly edit the questions for readability, so please don't be offended if it's not worded identical to how you sent it in or if the grammar is changed. Yes, the last question was real (I didn't make it up, even though I agree with it).

All of that said, I have polled some of our editors and writers for their answers to your questions, and put their initials next to each of their responses. Join us below the jump to check out the mailbag.

  • What do the you predict will be the New York Jet's regular season record, based on what you've seen so far?

SS: I am by nature a very optimistic person, so I will say anywhere from 9-7 to 12-4. Last year, which I shall term Murphy’s Law, we still went 8-8. That really isn’t bad at all for a team where everything hit the fan. I expect us to do better this year.

DW: Personally I have some serious concerns about this team at the moment. I just don't think we have the offence to challenge this year. It's a tough schedule too, I think it's going to be a 8-8 record again. I don't think Howard is the answer at RT and I'm not sold on Sanchez.

BN: I'll predict 16-0 just so I'll be greater than 50%, assuming the team doesn't fall below last years record.

GGM: Like Scott, I am also an optimist and will always look at the good more than the bad. When I look at this team, I see a defense that could be the best in the league this year. They will keep us in every game. I also don't think the offense we have been seeing in preseason is an accurate portrayal of what our actual offense will look like. I am confident that once we start seeing Tebow and Mark being used together, the chains will be moving a lot more. If you also factor in that the 2nd half of our schedule doesn't look too bad, we could be looking at a record anywhere from 9-7 to 11-5.

JW: Being spoiled as a Yankee fan, I always anticipate good things out of my favorite teams. I think the Jets have a legitimate chance to go 11-5 or 12-4. In a "disaster" year last year they went 8-8. If they don’t make the playoffs this year it would mean that Sanchez’ play took a nosedive and the defense didn’t play up to their skill level.

TJ: I'm going to say another 8-8 season at best, probably 5-7 wins. This last preseason game against the Panthers will tell us a lot but the reality is that the NFL is evolving offensively and the Jets are lagging behind. In today's NFL you have to be able to score points. You can have a great defense but the days of a shut out are likely to be in the past. 17-21 points a game or you can almost certainly call it a loss.

  • Aside from right tackle, what do you think are the top three positions we'll be focusing on in the 2013 draft?

SS: Probably safety, guard, and tight end. Next year has a great crop of safeties. I think Vlad Ducasse will step up, but they’ll want more insurance with both Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore as free agents. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dustin Keller doesn’t return.

DW: Definitely safety and guard. I think safety will be the main priority after tackle and rightfully so.

BN: Vice President of Spin, Emperor of the PSL's, and Safety.

GGM: Well hopefully Howard holds down the fort at RT, and we won't have to worry about that in April. If I had to pick 3 other positions it would have to be S, G, TE. Landry is looking amazing so far, and if things continue that way, he will be looking for a pay day. I would love to pay the man, but we available cash might be a problem. Bell is also getting up there in age, and might not be brought back either. This is a deep draft for safeties, and we can find a few good ones. Both Slauson and Moore are free agents next year, and those money problems mentioned above could prohibit us from bringing back both. The TE position would be my 3rd choice because I doubt that Keller is going to show us anything we haven't already seen. We also need someone who can block, so this ground and pound offense can thrive.

JW: Safety is number one. Landry is on a one year deal and Bell is up there in age. Its good that Bush and Allen are around to develop but it’d be a nice to get an elite safety prospect, something that could happen in the mid first round. Otherwise, O-Line (to replace Moore and/or Howard) and running back round out my top 3.

TJ: Quarterback - If Sanchez has a good season everyone will be looking at him to build on it and get the Jets deep into the post season. If not they'll be calling for Tebow, some hot shot free agent or draft pick.

Wide Receiver - It’s simple, we don't have enough fire power at receiver. Santonio Holmes is a great receiver but certainly not the big #1 receiver that every team needs. If Hill can develop into that #1 guy then i think the Jets have something but still maybe need another explosive guy on the outside.

Tight end - I think tight end is certainly going to be addressed next season as will the entire offense. Soon every team will have 6'6 250 pound tight end.

  • Who will be our starting RT at the beginning of the season?

SS: Unless Austin Howard is a total chump, I suspect him, with a LOT of help from the jumbo tight end position. If he is, then it will be someone unknown that we’ll have to give an arm and a leg for in a trade.

DW: I think it will be Howard but at the end of the day i don't think he'll be much better than Hunter. It's just changing things because it can't get any worse than the currant state. If we want a capable RT this year, we'll need to go outside the organization

BN: After trying out Hunter and Howard, the Jets FO and coaching will settle on a wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man to fill the gap at RT at the start of the season.

GGM: In all likelihood it will be Howard. I doubt anyone with any real talent at RT will be cut by anyone. It's a very valuable position, and teams will try very hard to keep anyone of worth.

JW: I think its Austin Howard. He has an NFL body and he is athletic, and he generally seems to get it. Vlad Ducasse sometimes dominates his man, but sometimes looks like he forgot which team he plays for. With Austin, you won’t get such extremes. He’s not going to dominate but he won’t be totally lost out there. He may not be much better than Wayne Hunter but at least he’s cheaper and younger and has room to get better, unlike Wayne.

TJ: I don't know much about the journeyman Austin Howard but he has the opportunity and I hope he steps up for his own sake. I mean how much worse can that position get. If he can't get it done and the Jets have to resort to Wayne Hunter, I don't know what will happen this season.

  • If the Jets finish the year poorly, or are one and done, what member of the staff/front office gets fired, and who is their replacement?

SS: I’d probably say Mike Tannenbaum. Rex Ryan has completely changed the culture, hasn’t been here all that long, and is still learning as a head coach. If there’s one thing Woody Johnson likes, it’s owning the back pages of the newspapers. Rex does that in spades.

DW: I think Rex Ryan, Tony S are safe but you know Mike T may be on the hot seat. We knew that RT was a problem but it wasn't address appropriately. We have been very hit and miss in the draft recently. I think Woody likes Rex and his potential as a HC......but Mike T may be one of the first to get the boot if we finish at 5-11, 6-10 or even 7-9.

BN: The towel boy. Matt Moore.

GGM: First off, if the Jets make it to the playoffs, I believe everyone will be safe for at least one more year. If we have another poor year, and someone's head must be chopped; It will probably be Tanny. He might be a cap genius, but as far as talent evaluating he has a lot of room to grow. I personally wouldn't mind Eric Mangini being brought in as a GM.

JW: I’d hope it is nobody. Maybe Sparano? Rex has been the Jets best coach of the last few decades and I think that there are only 3 or 4 coaches that I’d rather have. He may be talkative but two of his three seasons ended in AFC Championship Games and his "disaster" year was 8-8. Believe me, Rex is the least of our problems. I personally like Mike Tannenbaum; he does a good job of identifying how much talent is worth and going out to get it. He’s done a pretty bad job of shoring up the RT spot but his pickings appear to be slim. I hope he doesn’t get fired, but Tannenbaum may be the one looking at the axe if things go badly.

TJ: I agree that Tannenbaum will be gone. The Jets are going to live and die this season on how the offense performs. We know the Defense is going to play well but if the team struggles as a result of the offense someone is going to have to answer and it will be Tannenbaum for not addressing the offensive needs this off-season.

  • I was wondering what the Jets are doing with Hayden Smith and if he will be included on the offense. He can be a big part of their offense.

SS: He’s been quiet in camp, adapting to play in the NFL. The team seemingly went into this project with a three year plan, so he’ll likely be placed on the practice squad until we can unleash his Aussie fury.

DW: I don't think he'll make the 53, he is a long term experiment, we will need to be very patient.

BN: Recent reports have Hayden Smith slipping a shrimp on the barbie for us. Not sure about his place on the offense, however.

GGM: I doubt Smith makes the 53 man roster, but he will probably be put on the practice squad to grow and learn. I didn't expect him to come in and contribute right away. If at all, he won't contribute until further down the road.

JW: Like Scott said, Hayden Smith is a work in progress. His athleticism is very unique for a man his size and I hope we can eventually make something out of him.

TJ: He has the SIZE!!! He's a rugby guy so you know is tough as nails. Let’s develop this guy into a tight end. If he can't do that then let him rush the passer or be a blocking tight end. If he can run and catch then he can be the target that Sanchez needs, the mismatch that is changing football, a huge tight end target!!

  • Scott, is it true you have the jawline of Channing Tatum, the abs of Ryan Reynolds, and the biceps of LaRon Landry?

SS: I also have the the hair of Ryan Gosling.

DW: No comment!

BN: Who the hell is Channing Tatum?

JW: Very nice!

TJ: I've been compared to a young, 23 year old Will Smith!