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Howard & Other Starters Set To Get Work In Final Pre-Season Game?

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Only last week we were saying how all of the starters and Tim Tebow were set to miss the final pre-season game. However it seems as though Rex now has some other ideas for some of the starters:

When asked about Howard's play:

There will be some starters that play in that last preseason game. Some of these rookies, in particular, are guys that we’re counting on. We don’t want them to be rookies when they get into that first game, so let’s get them some experience. Some of those young guys will play.

In my mind, we are looking at Howard, Coples, Hill as the starters that are likely going to play. Rex did confirm that Tebow wouldn't participate. Getting Howard some extra reps before Buffalo is probably a good thing, however I'll just be hoping that none of those guys above get injured.

I am looking forward to seeing Demario Davis play a whole host of series. Same with Josh Bush and Antonio Allen.