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Rex Has Some Words For Quinton Coples

Coples getting up in the grills of Cam.
Coples getting up in the grills of Cam.

I thought Quinton had a decent game, there were some things to like and there were also some things not to like. When asked about the play of Coples, Rex Ryan had some choice words for his first round selection:

I wasn’t as happy this game as I was previously. I thought he got winded a little bit. He kind of had a woe-with-me when we took out the starters. Hey look, you’re still a rookie, you have to play the whole game and then some. They ran the ball on us with our second group in there and I never like to see that.

I really don't like this attitude, whether it be a little moan or just an off comment made to either Rex or one of the defensive coaches. You're a rookie, you are fresh into the league and you should want as many snaps as you can possibly get.

There was a big question mark in relation to Coples coming out of North Carolina, motor and desire. At times at North Carolina Coples looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on the football field. Last night I saw a little of that, on a few plays he pretty much just stood up and went through the motions.

I don't think you should ever have to try and convince any player to stay in the football game. Sanchez, Tebow, Mangold and a lot of other players would love to play the whole game, come on Coples!