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Pre-Season Week 3 Recap: Carolina Panthers 17-12 New York Jets

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Morning everyone, lets get the most meaningless stat out of the way first, the Jets are 0-3 this pre-season.

However it really is not all doom and gloom this morning. I don't know about you, but I saw a lot of things that I liked last night. It is extremely frustrating that we haven't scored a touchdown yet, but there was actually a lot to like about the offensive game last night.

Rex Ryan commented that they do not have an update at the moment in relation to Dustin Keller's hamstring or David Harris's ankle. He did comment that Josh Bakers injury looked a lot more serious. Taking a shot to the knee like that, he could be in serious trouble.

Here are some quick thoughts that I had on last nights game:

  • I thought Sanchez looked a lot better. He was progressing through his reads better, he was getting the ball out quicker, his technique in facing the direction he was passing and getting his feet set were much better. He made some really intelligent throws, he wasn't helped by the receivers with Holmes dropping one and Hill dropping one which turned into a turnover. I thought his throw to Hill in the end zone should have been a little better, but he looks like he is forming an understanding with the rookie out of Georgia Tech and that's encouraging.
  • Austin Howard was pretty damn impressive. Lets not get too carried away after one start. However Charles Johnson didn't have his name called all night, I didn't remember him even making a tackle so I checked the box and I can't see that he was credited with one either. Howard blocked well in pass protection, in the run game he created holes and moved his blocks to the 2nd level. Hunter came in and gave up a sack on Tebow almost immediately, Howard kept the Sanchize clean all night. Again it's encouraging.
  • Stephen Hill fluffed one like a lot of rookies will, you have to catch those balls and everyone knows it. The interception was on him 100%. However he came out after that and caught three more passes, players were standing off him because of his speed, so we brought him across on crossing patterns and threw a lot to his back shoulder. Exploiting the defensive scheme against him. Like with the first point, it's nice to seem him and Sanchez start to build a relationship.
  • Quick note, I think it's safe to presume that Nick Folk will be our kicker this season.
  • Defensive line were again impressive. Ellis in particular stood out, he was getting penetration up the middle, and flushing the QB out of the pocket. He made several good stops, batted a pass down and was credited with hall a sack. I thought Coples had another solid game and another sack to go to his collection. Maybin was coming in and forcing some pressure and it's only because Newton is so good on his feet that he managed to escape the sacks.
  • Got to mention Landry, he was flying to the ball. He had another interception and he was laying the wood all over the field. People keep saying to me, you won't like him so much when the flags start flying.......I don't know if it's just me, but although they are hard hits, they are also legal hits as well. if he does give up a penalty but that player thinks twice about coming over the middle again....I will take that.
  • I think we saw last night why Tebow will come in on short yardage and not be a starting QB. I'm looking forward to seeing the package we have planned for him, but he is a long way behind Sanchez in running a professional offense