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Keep Up To Date With All Roster Cuts Across The NFL

Happy Sunday Gang Green Gangsters. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking out for the cast-offs from other NFL teams. We could and should be looking at offensive lineman, maybe a tight end and even a safety if one pops up.

It can be pretty tiresome going to 32 different places to try and find out who has been cut and now available. Well SB Nation understands this, which is why our NFL guys have put together a page which will be constantly updated when roster cuts come in.

Just CLICK HERE and it will take you through to the page with roster cuts. At the moment the only offensive tackle I can see comes from the Vikings cuts, former Montana and All Big-Sky conference player Levi Horn who I believe is yet to see action in the NFL.

As I mentioned below, they will be coming in thick and fast over the next week, so I would advise saving that link to your favourites and checking it each day if you want to stay up to date.