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Holmes/Kerley Set To Play Sunday Against The Panthers

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It's no secret that in the first two pre-season games our offense has looked abysmal. In fact at points against the Giants it was painful to watch. However we have been without our best offensive player, however Rex Ryan has confirmed that Holmes will see his first pre-season action this weekend against the Carolina Panthers:

"It looks like Holmes is going to play," said Ryan.

The coach said he imagined Holmes would play something along the lines or 10 or 12 plays, and that he didn't want to over do it.

"We need those guys," said Ryan, referring to Holmes and Jeremy Kerley (hamstring), who will also play

10-12 snaps is limited for sure, but every single snap counts in getting our players ready for the new season. We need Holmes to draw some attention away from the likes of Keller and Hill. We need that slot receiver in there too to really see how this offense is going to line up.

As much heat as Holmes has come under the last year, he is without doubt a special talent capable of breaking a game open. I just think back to the TD winning catch against Cleveland, the catch that set up the FG to beat the Lions and of course that incredible catch against the Patriots in the Divisional.

Bottom line is that Holmes makes the players around him better, he'll make Sanchez better and he'll make Hill, Kerley and Keller better by taking some of the attention away from them.

One thing to note is Rex Ryan said that he was very unhappy with Friday's pratise and had that been a regular season Friday pratise he would be concerned. One more limp performance by the offense this Sunday and I think we will all be concerned.