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Five Things I Think That I Oughta Think About Things

"How ya like me now?!" - Antonio Cromartie
"How ya like me now?!" - Antonio Cromartie

I admit, I'm not very good at coming up with titles. Regardless, as training camp gets into full swing, I want to start doing a list of five observations of things I've heard regarding camp. If you've ever read Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, imagine something like that. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

  1. The hot player in camp right now is RB Bilial Powell. He's supposedly tearing it up and looks very good. Anyone that watched him last season, especially his fumble in the end zone that was saved by Matt Slauson diving on the ball, should be floored. Obviously as we return focus to ground and pound, Powell could be huge. I'm so happy he's making me eat crow so far.
  2. I'm really loving Rex's black jersey motivational ploy. If you haven't heard of it yet, basically whomever is better between the offense and the defense each day gets to wear black jerseys to the next day of practice. So far, it's been all defense. But that changed today with the offense leading the charge on the goal-line drills. Several players have been quoted as saying how badly they want to "win" practice.
  3. I'm disappointed in the number of "soft-tissue" injuries happening to the wide receivers. Mostly because it's a very young, inexperienced group, and they can use all the practice reps they can get. In addition, Mark Sanchez has had a different WR corps every year, and he needs time to acclimate himself to this new group.
  4. Aaron Maybin is going to establish himself as a premier pass rusher this season. Mark it down. He had two sacks today, one on Sanchez and one on Tim Tebow. He's been lighting it up, going 100 miles per hour every play.
  5. I'm thrilled with the leadership Santonio Holmes has been showing on the field. By all accounts, he's been a mentor to the young receivers, teaching them the little things that helped him become a Superbowl MVP. Even the tight ends like Hayden Smith have reported his willing assistance and how valuable he's been. Today, for example, between plays he headed over to the JUGS machine to catch extra passes. He's pissed about last season, and if Sanchez can get him the ball, he's going to light the world on fire. Not literally.