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2012 Game by Game Predictions

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I am going to try an give an unbiased try at predicting how all 16 of our games will go this year. Since Rex isn't in the predicting business anymore, I will throw my hat in the middle to pick up the slack. Enjoy...

Week 1: Vs Buffalo - Do I think the Bills are as good as everyone thinks they are? No. Do I think they are a good team though? Yes I do. The Bills also tend to play at a very high level at the start of seasons. I can see us losing a close one, due to a bad turnover, to start the season. Result: 21-20 Bills - Jets Record: 0-1

Week 2: At Pittsburgh - Unlike Buffalo, Pitt tends to not start things off that hot. This will be a dogfight until the end. When the dust settles, we should matchup well against the Steelers. Our hard nosed running game should wear down their aging defense. In a low scoring game, I think we get the edge. Result: 16-10 Jets - Jets Record: 1-1

Week 3: At Miami - There is nothing about the Dolphins that I like this year. We also have a huge chip on our shoulders after how 2011 ended. I can see us exercising some demons against a defense changing it's identity to a 4-3. No one on their offense scares me at all either. Result: 27-13 Jets - Jets Record: 2-1

Week 4: Vs San Francisco - This is going to be another defensive bloodbath. This will be a game of field position. The kickers will be the deciding factor in this match. One mistake may be all that is needed to tilt the scale in favor of one team. The 49ers seemed to have played a lot more mistake free football than us. We will take better control of the ball this year under Sparano, but not all good things come at once. Result: 16-13 49ers - Jets Record: 2-2

Week 5: Vs Houston - I know Houston is one of the favorites to go far into the playoffs this year, but this game might not show it. Mark Sanchez is 2-0 against the Texans, and the Jets in general have never lost to them. I know we can't compare past teams to this one, so I will go by matchups. Where most teams might have a problem shutting down Johnson, we won't have a problem there. All we have to worry about at that point is Foster. Foster might win some battles, but in the end, I see our front 7 being much improved against the run. Our D is far more physical than last year. I don't think this game will require a 55 second miracle. Result: 20-16 Jets - Jets Record: 3-2

Week 6: Vs Indianapolis - Rex and his defense, have a way of torturing rookie QBs. There is no denying the talent Luck has, but I don't predict immediate results. There are too many rookies and question marks to be able to hold up against our ferocity. It will be imperative to knock them down, and not let up. If you give a young team hope, they can run with it. Result: 31-13 Jets - Jets Record: 4-2

Week 7: At New England - When these two teams meet, there is no telling what will happen. Right now, the Patriots offense looks unstoppable. Between the fire power of Gronk, Hernandez, Welker, and Lloyd, our defense will have their hands full. If Landry is healthy though, our ability to slow this juggernaut increases. In this game however, I give the edge to the Patriots. Result: 27-21 Patriots - Jets Record 4-3

Week 8: Vs Miami - Did Miami make any huge upgrades since week 3? The answer is probably not. Unless Miami switches QBs, and the dude turns out to be Dan Marino in disguise, this isn't going to be a good year. Without the prospect of derailing our season, Miami will be playing for pride at this point. This team might be as bad as the 1-15 team. Result: 27-10 Jets - Jets Result: 5-3

Week 10: At Seattle - Even though we get a bye week to get healthy, and more time to prepare, I have a bad feeling. I would feel a whole lot better about this game if it was a home game. The Seahawks are a completely different team at home than when away. It's this supernatural phenomenon that will keep us from getting a W here. Result: 17-10 Seahawks - Jets Record: 5-4

Week 11: @ St. Louis - The Rams are probably the 2nd worst team we will face this year (next to the Dolphins). Their defense has some promise, but when it comes to stopping our ground and pound on a constant basis, they should falter. The only offensive weapon the Rams have is Steven Jackson. Just like with Texans, our improved front 7 should be able to win more battles than lose against him. Result: 22-12 Jets - Jets Record: 6-4

Week 12: Vs Patriots - The only teams I see having a chance at beating the Patriots are teams with very efficient secondaries or very efficient pass rushes. We already have the secondary down, but pass rush is a question mark. I don't want to be too biased and just say our pass will be better, so I will back it up. Even if Coples or Sapp don't pan out further than training camp, the Karl Dunbar tutelage should have a big impact. Even the slightest upgrade in this area can make a huge impact. I think the Jets take this one in a Turkey day dandy. Unfortunately, this may be the only loss for the Patriots all year. Result 21-20 Jets - Record: 7-4

Week 13: Vs Arizona - The Jets put everything they had, and then some, to beat the Patriots. Much like the AFC Championship game against Pittsburgh, we will come out flat. I predict a game full of mistakes and turnovers here. Tony Sparano has at least 3 heart attacks watching his boys cough up the ball. Rex throws his headset in anger only once though. At the end of the game, everyone is wondering what just happened. The Jets usually give up one or two games that they should win each year. Results: 34-20 Cardinals - Jets Record 7-5

Week 14: At Jacksonville - Sparano and Rex make sure to get the team's head back where it needs to be. Rex makes his yearly announcement that the Jets had their best practice of the year. MJD's holdout will hurt him this year, much like CJ2K. The Jaguars are just a shell of who they normally are without him playing up to snuff. The Jets win this one in a barn burner. Results: 28-6 Jets - Jets Record: 8-5

Week 15: At Tennessee - The season is near an end, and there should be a few teams in the running for Wildcard birth. I believe both the Jets and Titans will be in the running for a spot. Unlike the Texans, the Titans might have a star in the making with Kendall Wright. If you factor in CJ2k possibly being back in pro bowl form, you have a very well rounded offense. On defense, Wimbley will bring a lot of talent to the front 7. I don't like the idea of facing such a hard opponent, in a possible do or die situation. If it were a home game for us, I might have this result going the other way. Results: 20-16 Titans - Jets Record: 8-6

Week 16: Vs San Diego - In recent years, the Chargers have been very hard to beat toward the end of seasons. They seemingly transform over night, once December rolls around. Like the Titans, the Chargers should also be playing for a wildcard spot. We tend to do very well against the Chargers. That and, we get very lucky with missed field goals. I feel like this game will be no different. This game might come down to a missed field goal. Results: 24-21 Jets - Jets Record: 9-6

Week 17: At Bills - Our first bout with Buffalo did not end in our favor. This time around could have huge playoff implications. A win or a loss here could mean the couch or playoffs. By this point, the Bills should be more than into their 2nd half collapse after another strong start. On this blistery cold day, the Jets running game tears apart this defeated foe. The momentum of this win will be barely enough to get us into the playoffs, where anything is possible. Results: 30-14 Jets - Jets Record: 10-6