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Jets struggle as Sanchez lacks Fire Power and Protection

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Afternoon Gang Green Gangsters. It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new writer to the GGN staff today. I know you will all want to welcome Tito Javier who joins our staff. Tito has been writing sports independently for some time and I think he will add to an already very strong staff. Here we have his very first article for GGN and I just wanted to welcome Tito on behalf of the whole staff.

Last night’s game at MetLife stadium between the New York Giants and New York Jets showed two things… That the New York Giants are still the big brother of the big apple and that the New York Jets have questions other than quarterback that need to be answered as the regular season approaches.

In another start for fourth year quarterback Mark Sanchez, many of the same struggles he has dealt with took center stage against the Giants. The most notable mistake of the contest for Sanchez was an interception to Giants rookie cornerback Jayron Hosley, which was returned 77 yards for a touchdown. The interception was a poorly placed pass on the part of Sanchez who threw the ball pretty well in last night’s game.

The biggest struggle for the Jets on offense last night was the play of their offensive line. Both the first and second team offensive lines struggled to keep the New York Giants pass rush off Sanchez and back up quarterback Tim Tebow. Both quarterbacks were under duress every time they dropped back for a pass. Head coach Rex Ryan said he felt Sanchez threw the ball well, Ryan also went on to say "but it’s hard to throw the ball when you’re flat on your back."

The Jets were without top receiver Santonio Holmes last night. Holmes has been battling rib injuries that have kept him out of play the past week. Without Holmes in the line up, the Jets lack fire power on offense. Their need for another explosive player (running back/receiver) is clearly evident. The Jets also struggled to get anything going in the run game last night. Starting running back Shonn Green carried the ball 11 times for 36 yards.

Mark Sanchez has been heavily scrutinized for his play. Entering the regular season there is no quarterback under more pressure. If the struggles continue into the regular season, expect Jet fans to put pressure on the organization to play Tim Tebow, who might I add, has had more than his fare share of struggles offensively this preseason.

There is no doubt Sanchez needs to play better. Costly mistakes like the interception last night won’t put him in the good graces of the Jets faithful. Although there are struggles elsewhere on offense, as the quarterback, the blame will begin and end with Mark.

However, the Jets coaching staff and organization should also take some responsibility for the teams struggles. In a long offseason the organization failed to tune up an offensive line that struggled to protect the quarterback a season ago and their failure to get Sanchez another dynamic weapon on offense should also be noted.

At this point in the preseason, the Jets are the only team not to score an offensive touchdown. The quarterback play has been suspect, the offensive line has been shaky and there is a noticeable lack of explosion at the skill position (running back, receiver). Questions need to be answered quick, fast and in a hurry for the Jets. Whether it be ground and pound, throwing the football or playing stout defense with the hopes of some Tebow magic in the fourth quarter, the jets need to establish an identity or this season could be disastrous.