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Position Battle To Watch - Wide Receiver

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We have two slots locked down in the receiving corps (Flight Boys, if you will). Santonio Holmes and Stephen Hill. Maybe Antonio Cromartie, depending on who you believe (actually, he's likely to receive a few reps at receiver during the upcoming game against the New York Giants). After that, it's anybody's guess who will be featured on the team.

Not too long ago, I would have guaranteed that it'd be Jeremy Kerley. In fact, he's still the favorite. But Kerley has had a poor offseason, supposedly having a very bad work ethic, and for the past two weeks has had a slight hamstring tear. Between the two, the coaches are not pleased with Jere-Kerl and his position is up for grabs. Not too long ago, I wouldn't have been surprised to see Chaz Schilens in his spot, with Holmes featured often in the slot position. But because Schilens has had some nagging injuries lately, he seems to now be fighting for a spot on the team. Rich Cimini, for example, doesn't think he'll make the cut.

So who else could fill out the roster, or even steal Kerley's spot from under him? Well, the possible candidates are Jordan White, Patrick Turner, Eron Riley, Dexter Jackson, Raymond Webber, Joseph Collins, Royce Pollard, Wes Kemp, and Stanley Arukwe. I took the liberty of crossing off the ones that, quite simply, don't stand a shot. Dexter Jackson and Royce Pollard have the best shot of those six to make the team, based purely on special teams, but not really as receivers. Eron Riley hasn't seemed to have made an impression on anyone this offseason, but due to the numerous injuries, may get a shot anyway. Lately, Jordan White and Patrick Turner (count me as one of the people shocked by this) have been doing great, so they are likely fighting Kerley for the third position in this position battle. To be honest, I expect Kerley to hold onto his job, Turner to stay as a backup, and White to either also remain as a backup (depending on injuries) or be put on the practice squad as a potential Holmes-replacement should he leave us in the next year or two.

Who do you expect to win the position battle for the third spot on the roster?