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Buffalo Wild Wings2012 Fantasy Football Preview

Evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we are running a little fantasy football preview in associated with Buffalo Wild Wings! Tasty!!

This year is a very interesting year when looking at the New York Jets and fantasy players you should be selecting. There are a lot of risks with a lot of players, however here are my thoughts on guys you want to take:

New York Jets Defense

When I'm playing fantasy football, I always take one of the top five defenses in the league. In my humble opinion the New York Jets will have either the best defense in the league or definitely one of the top 5. We have depth all across the front, we have the depth to play out of numerous fronts. Maybin is back to cause some mayhem, Coples looked near unblockable in his first game. Pouha is still a rock that can't be moved, Muhammad Wilkerson is in the 2nd year of a career that is filled with promise, I'm even seeing signs of life from Ellis. Add that to one of the best cornerback pairings in the league, a more athletic linebacking core and an upgraded safety group, what is there not to like?

Dustin Keller

If we use Keller correctly he can be a fantasy dream. He is strong, fast, athletic and can catch a lot of footballs. That's what you look for in your tight end, if you can't have Gronk and you miss out on some of the elite, Keller is a nice option to fall back on. I know we are running the football a lot more this year and that may mean that Keller has less looks. However we will need to throw the football, Sanchez loves going to Keller and Keller is in a career year playing for his pay-out. I'm taking that gentlemen.

Sleeper: Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill can stretch the field and like we saw with Braylon in 2010, when the running game is going and you have a wide receiver with pace. Play-action is your best friend! I can see Hill getting in behind defenses this year and as a home run receiver. It only takes one big TD reception to put points on the board. I would take him to sit on my bench at the start and possibly take one of the 3rd wide receiver slots in the long run.

Avoid: Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Shonn Greene

A few people think Mark will have a break out year but I'm still not sold. We'll be running more and I just have a feeling Mark will start to force the ball causing interceptions and negative points. Tebow is a 2nd string QB and should only be taken at the end of drafts due to the fact he will get red zone looks which means TD's. Greene hasn't shown me that he can really carry the load and I think as the year goes on McKnight will figure in the game plan, Shonn also doesn't have a track record of getting into the end zone.