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Flight Connections 08-14-12


I don't even know where to begin with this wildcat overreaction. The team gets a few closed practices during offseason - all of them are closed to the public throughout the whole season - and in the session yesterday, they chose to practice the so-called Wildcat in front of the media. I don't understand why it became such a big deal, but in any case, we shouldn't really be surprised anymore. There is no point in arguing these things. People overreacted that the Jets allowed ESPN to show Tebow in special teams; shouldn't they have kept this weapon secret. Now that they chose to practice some option plays in secret, they are ridiculed for it. Here are some links regarding this:

USA Today: The Jets begin secretive installation of Wildcat for Tim Tebow.

NBC New York: The Jets put themselves on double secret probation.

Gary Myers: The Jets running the Wildcat away from the media is within the NFL rules. Pointing out the obvious.

Mike Lupica: The Jets are getting way too self-important. Funny, that's the same way I feel about Mike Loopyguy.

There are more, but I was really confused by this one from the new Wall Street Journal beat writer Mike Sielski: The Jets' new Wildcat looks [redacted]. The article has redactions all over it. If he wasn't writing sports, can he get away with that? At the Wall Street Journal? Who's the real clown here, Mike?

Jenny Vrentas: Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow thrived on the 7-on-7 passing drill.

Kristian Dyer: Robert Griffin carries on after the loss of his mother.

Manish Mehta: Santonio Holmes will sit out the preseason game against the Giants.

Tim Bontemps: Chaz Schilens is frustrated with his nagging injuries.

Seth Walder: Antonio Cromartie gets his wish and works out with the wide receivers.

Randy Lange: Darrelle Revis talks about his role in ESPN's new "Monday Night Football" spot.

Randy Lange: Bryan Thomas and Jay Richardson know that they're back.

Brian Costello: Rex Ryan is hoping Quinton Coples will play like Jason Pierre-Paul.

Eric Allen: The elite linebacker David Harris continues to develop his game.

Eric Allen: Bart Scott will be on "Jets Talk Live" later today.

Rich Cimini: Three things we learned yesterday.

Jeff Capellini: For the Jets, the sky is not falling. is holding a sweepstakes for the MetLife Bowl.

Jets Twit is giving away tickets to Jets Family Night.

The Record: The Jets should take lessons from the Giants.

The Metro: The Giants are not interested in talking about Tebow.

CBS New York: For Steve Weatherford, beating the Jets would be pretty sweet.