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Jets Won't Add Safety After Smith Injured In Pre-Season Opener

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As Scott reported last night, it seems as though Eric Smith's injury was not quite as bad as first imagined. I did think at one point this may be a MCL or ACL blow-out with the 2012 season lost. However it seems as though although it is a MCL issue, Smith should be back by the season opener. Of course missing time and pre-season snaps, will mean he is not quite up to speed until week 2-3.

However despite this, Rex Ryan has confirmed that he is happy with the safety depth that we have on the team and we won't be looking to add a veteran safety.

That's not all that surprising, a starting duo of Yeremiah Bell, LaRon Landry looked decent and they have the potential with additional snaps together. Then we also have our two drafts picks this year, Josh Bush who has quietly gone about his business this off-season and Antonio Allen who has made a very positive first impression. We also have Marcus Lott on the roster at the moment who is a safety body.

I'm pretty confident those five guys can handle safety duty the rest of the way this pre-season and then Smith will be fighting fit, hopefully in time for Buffalo.