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Notes From Last Night


I just finished watching the game, and I can say that I didn't really learn much of anything. It was the 1st preseason game, and neither team was really showing much of anything. The result was a loss, but who really cares in the preseason. What I wanted most, was for everyone to walk away healthy. Aside from Eric Smith, I got my wish. The X-rays for Smith came back negative, so I don't expect him to be out for a great deal of time. Anyway here are some notes that I scribbled down while watching. Keep in mind while reading that there is a lot of time for change to happen.

  • The offensive line isn't really helping Mark out. It doesn't look like this O-line has improved at all pass blocking. The Bengals do have a top 10 D, but give 6 a chance.
  • Mark never really got a chance to get in a rhythm. Mark and Turner look like they are very comfortable playing catch with each other. Mark will be fine once he is given a whole game to play.
  • Greene is the kind of back that needs holes to open up in order for him to do anything. Right now there are no holes. A very unspectacular 5 rushes for Greene.
  • Hill needs to catch that ball. The ball was a little late, but it should have been an easy catch. Hill will need to become more sure handed.
  • McKnight looks great out there. He is running it between the tackles very well, and receiving the ball well out of the backfield. If McKnight can show that he can both hold onto the ball, and take hits, why can't he be our work horse?
  • Powell had a decent carry or two, but nothing really stuck out. Powell's pass blocking is above AVG though.
  • Tebow is showing why he is so valuable with his legs. When the play breaks down, he can move the chains. That telegraphed INT also shows us why he can't be the starting QB. He has a lot to learn in the area of passing.
  • The D-line is looking very strong up front. Holes are closing very fast, leaving the runner with nowhere to go. I expect us to be very strong against the run this year.
  • Coples is making his presence felt. He is very strong against the run. Boom, strip sack! I don't know what Coples' final stat line is, but he looked good out there, even when he was tired.
  • I know Bart Scott is apparently in great shape and all, but he should never be in pass coverage. I really don't like seeing Bart as a 4-3 OLBer unless he is rushing the passer.
  • The LBers are being abused by short passes in the middle. The faster Demario Davis develops, the better.
  • Conley is punting pretty well.
  • The race between Folk and Brown is close, but the edge goes to Folk. Folk even showed some power on kickoffs.
To wrap things up, the 1st game went about as I expected it. The defense looked solid, and the offense showed that it needs some work. I expect things to get smoother as the season creeps closer. There is nothing really to panic about, but the O-line is definitely a concern.