GGN's TAN Weekly Prediction Game: Preseason Game #1 vs Bengals

Hey everyone!

So over at the Thread About Nothing (TAN, which I sincerely hope you check out, we don't bite) we discussed the return of a game/contest because we haven't had one on GGN in a while. So the winds from Revis Island blew a little birdie my way who gave me an idea. Darsh did a few "predict the numbers" posts that were popular, so let's do a weekly game, where you predict particulars about the game. The winner gets pride, and can put it in their sig that they won, and then at the end of the year we'll compile results, and see who GGN's big winner or winners are.

So here's the game: I'll give you a set of stats related to a particular player. You give me if he's over, under or push. In each category, there will be a "golden question" which I'll use as a tiebreak, where you have to provide an actual number, and then if you're in the particular range, you get however many points. We'll also use the "golden questions" as tiebreakers, the closer your score is, the better chance you'll win.

Points system: O/U/P is +1 point

Golden's are +3 points if within range, +5 if right on the money.

Note: I know this is short notice, so we'll consider this our trial run. Also, predictions submitted after kickoff won't count.

Take your picks here:


1) Mark Sanchez will throw for 50 yards.

2) Tim Tebow will throw for 50 yards.

3) Andy Dalton will throw 1 interception.

4) Greg McElroy will throw the ball 7 times.

Golden Question

5) Tim Tebow will have how many yards rushing? (Range: +/- 10 yards)

WR and Backs

6) Shonn Greene will run for 50 yards.

7) BenJarvus Green Ellis will run for 40 yards.

8) Santonio Holmes will have 4 catches.

9) AJ Green will catch for 30 yards.

Golden Question

10) Bilal Powell will run for how many yards? (Range +/- 5 yards)


11) Quinton Coples has 1 sack

12) Reggie Nelson has 2 INTs

13) Bryan Thomas has 3 tackles

14) Aaron Maybin has 1 sack

Golden Question

15) How many points will the Jets defense give up tonight? (Range: +/- 3 points)

So there you have it. Again this is just a trial run, and if we get some participation we can keep this running. I should have the results either late tonight or tomorrow, so check for a winner tomorrow!

Feedback is always appreciated!

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