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Flight Connections 08-01-12


Crackback shares a FanPost of JetOrange's experience watching the team at Cortland. shares a report on the Jets training camp.

Jets fans in the Cortland area are glad that they get to see the team. shares video of Woody Johnson letting Curtis Martin know about retiring the 28. This is a must-see.

As you may know by the now, the 28 and 90 uniforms will be retired this season. shares video of an interview with Rex Ryan.

Mike Tannenbaum will continue to look for competition at right tackle, keeping an eye on other teams with depth.

Neil Best writes that Tim Tebow is a better runner than passer. He complains about media coverage of a guy that he himself is writing about.

Greg McElroy still feels like a rookie.

Gang Green is counting on Shonn Greene to carry the load this season.

Terrance Ganaway hopes to add value to the team.

Apparently, this is Eron Riley in this video.

Nick Folk and Josh Brown hope to bring the best out of each other as they compete for the same job.

The Associated Press ranks the Jets at 17.

Even thought the August 21 practice has already been re-scheduled at MetLife Stadium, Rich Cimini still tries to stir things up by suggesting they should have moved it to Stony Brook instead.

Former Jets OL Ray Willis has signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Former Jets WR Braylon Edwards has signed on with Seattle. Here is a link to Field Gulls if you feel like visiting. And here is a Deadspin link to why the Seahawks suck.

Former Jets WR Plaxico Burress has not signed on with anyone.

Can you believe it's August already? Enjoy the rest of your day, Gangsters!