Cortland: A Real Fan's Take

The following is a re-post of a comment by one of GGN's best, JetOrange. He has trouble creating fanposts so he gave me permission to post this for him. He shares some of his observations from Cortland. I thought GGN might like to get a real fan's perspective.

I attended Cortland in 2010, and two practices this weekend. If you believe in intensity, positive reinforcement andinstant accountability this offense will be better.

The Guys that I thought would be cut but now I’m not sure:
1.Powell- Could be the best Rb in camp, playing hard , runs well inside speed outside, catches the ball.
2. Turner- Faster and quicker than last year, don’t know the guy , catches consisently and has that great size.
3.Scotty McKnight Fan favorite, he is tiny, but catches everything, believe it or not has a chance.
4. McIntyre- Makes plays, controbutor on ST, Lost in space, scary lost.

Guys who I thought could possibly make the 53 but didn’t show anything this weekend:
1. Eron Riley
2.Dexter Jackson
3. Nick Bellore
4. Josh Mauga
5. Ryan Steed

Players of Note:
1.Matt Simms has a great arm, very good shot at PS. I wonder about McElroy, can throw deep,make all the short passses, but has that loop in his throw on throws to the outside or over 15 yards.
2. If I was going to rate RB’s it would be Mcknight, Powell and Greene. Shonn ran well ,is in shape, but Mcknight is so fast,looks so good. Powell is uncuttable. Griffin looked ordinary but he can catch the ball.
3. Holmes is the first receiver in every drill, Hill runs all the routes with precision, has the extra gear, great deep receiver, Sanchez throws a very nice deep ball, Hill is a little inconsistent, the Jets want htis guy to start. Schilens, big more consistant than hill, he could start today. I can’t believe how good Patrick Turner looks.
4. Stephan Heyer passes the eyeball test. Brick is awesome on sweeps. Mangold is getting Half the normal reps, Schlauderoff is working with the ones and twos, Caleb put a couple of balls on the ground. Kroul working with the twos and threes at center and guard.. Otah is huge but has that soft middle.
5. Keller looks better than ever, Cumberland coud be bigger, runs well, but seems to have lost his speed and his abillity to come out of cuts, primary Target for Tebow in punt protector role. Epps gets a lot of reps, I don’t see anything. They move Baker all over the place, lots of reps with the ones, offense seems to be designed to get Baker the ball. Tarren Lloyd looks okay on special teams , okay in blocking drills, can catch the ball, may have deceptive speed, can get deep, a target,makes PS at least. Hayden Smith potential, but gets blown up on ST, Westoff won’t risk it.
6. Coples worked inside, didn’t see anything, Wilkerson more active. Pouha looked explosive, Pace and Devito seemed to be dogging it. Brett Roy has a chance for PS. Kenrick Ellis looking very good.
7. Maybin is active and all over the place, but he still gets crushed when you run right at him. Worked on ST as a flyer, a drill with two on one , Steed and royce, trying to block him, man among boys, just swatted thos CB’s away. IMO Sapp more impressive in his overall game , rushes the passer , stops the run and can cover.
8. You can’t overstate how good Lankster has been , playing with his hair on fire, Cro is just the best athlete on the team, Julian Posey looks like a player. Bush & Allen are playing very well, but they look small next to Bell, Smith, and Landry.

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