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Favorite Highlight

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What is your favorite Jets highlight?

You can talk about all-time team highlights. You can talk about highlights since you have followed the team. You can talk about highlights from last year.

My favorite highlight in Jets history took place long before I was even alive. It was not even a play within a game. It was Joe Namath leaving the field of the Orange Bowl after Super Bowl III and holding up one finger to signify the Jets were number one. That clip never gets old to me. It was the only championship the team has ever won. It was perhaps the most shocking upset in football history even to this day. It also might have been the most important game, giving the upstart AFL credibility when many felt it was an inferior brand of football.

My favorite Jets highlight since I started watching the team came two years ago in the Playoffs in Foxborough. It was Braylon Edwards dragging two Patriots Pro Bowlers into the end zone to put the Jets up 14-3 over the seemingly invincible team from New England. You know the story. The Pats had beaten the Jets by six touchdowns the month before. No expert gave the Jets a chance. To be honest, I think the most optimistic of us wondered whether the Jets could really do it. After that play, you could hear a pin drop in Foxborough. That was the moment I said, "Oh my God, the Jets actually can stand toe to toe with these guys."

Last year was certainly a year to forget for Jets fans, but the Week 1 comeback win against the Cowboys was something special coming on the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01. The Jets trailed for most of the game but scored a thrilling comeback win. My highlight from that one was Joe McKnight's blocked punt that was run back for the tying touchdown. You can point to a lot of plays in that game, but I like Mike Westhoff a lot, and I felt like people gave up way too soon on Joe McKnight after a rough patch early in his rookie year. Sometimes the guys on the bottom of your roster are called on to win the game. That's a great thing about football.

This is all subjective, though. What are your favorite highlights?