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Santonio Holmes Takes Less Reps at Practice

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Today Santonio Holmes took himself out of practice early.

Santonio Holmes just recently returned from Germany's Ramstein Air Base on a goodwill visit for U.S. Troops and wasn't ready to go full tilt during practice Thursday.

He "let the coaches understand, too many reps today" and said that he was scheduled for 35 reps, which was cut down to 20-25 when he pulled himself from practice.

If this was Jeremy Kerley, nobody would care. Because of the way Holmes ended last season, though, this might well emerge as the biggest headline of OTA's. It seems as though he was just tired from his trip.

As much as we love instant analysis, the real story of Holmes' 2012 season has yet to be written. We do not know whether or not he will conduct himself better than he did last year. People who want to believe he will are going to cling to all of the nice talk coming from Florham Park. Those who do not like the Jets and hope this falls apart will try and embellish this story. We will not really be able to tell until we actually get into game situations where he will have a chance to perform and will need to respond to adversity.