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Santonio Holmes Will Attend Jets West

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Per Twitter, from WR Santonio Holmes:

YES! I will be attending "Jets West". Will be a great few days with the guys

Lately, it seems that Holmes has done everything right (since the season ended), with the exception of how he treats the media. As a result, he appears to have a much more negative perception than I believe he really deserves. There was a great article from the other day about this subject. Here is the article itself. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. He worked out in Florida with his strength and conditioning coach, during a time of the year that many NFL players are taking a vacation.
  2. He spent 2 weeks in Africa with the Pros for Africa organization visiting with and helping impoverished children throughout the continent.
  3. He met with quarterback Mark Sanchez for a few days in Florida to smooth over any differences they had last season.
  4. He visited ill and injured troops at USO locations in Germany.
  5. He organized a bowling event to raise money for Sickle Cell research.
  6. He is working with the F.I.N.E.S.S.E. Foundation Football Camp by sponsoring five kids to attend.

Now, he is attending Jets West in an effort to rebuild some of the chemistry he had with Sanchez in 2010. On and off the field, Holmes has been a great person, and from several reports, a great teammate. Hopefully this is the beginning of a career year for Holmes.