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Vladimir Ducasse Working at Guard

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Cimini says despite the team's past statements about Vladimir Ducasse being a tackle, he is seeing work at left guard.

The Jets signed two journeymen OTs on the same day, Ray Willis and Stephon Heyer, and many assumed it was to replace beleaguered RT Wayne Hunter. This is how an opposing personnel executive interpreted the moves: "Those moves are insurance and tell me they may not trust their current insurance -- (Vladimir Ducasse)." Not coincidentally, Ducasse has been working at left guard during OTAs.

I feel like the best way to salvage Ducasse is to take all pressure off him. Let him master playing inside at guard. Do not give him the responsibility of protecting the edge, and groom him hopefully to replace Brandon Moore. The only flashes of light we have seen from Vlad are him driving somebody forward in the run game. It is easier to get away with a strong run blocker and weak pass protector when he is not on the edge facing elite sack artists.

I have always found the, "He is struggling because the team has made him play different positions," argument a bit difficult to believe. If he is not a starter, he needs to be able to play different positions. You cannot carry five backups on the line. Plus his issues go to his fundamentals. I don't think he has struggled because he has been moved around. I think his struggles at multiple positions have been due to many of the same issues.