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Flight Connections 06-29-12

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Pro Football Weekly believes that Rex Ryan is on the hot seat this season.

Buffalo Rumblings seems to agree.

Jim Kelly hopes that Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow turn to turmoil together.

Football Outsiders believes the Jets have some chance at success.

AFC East Blog warns about choosing the division's QBs in fantasy.

Dustin Keller will be signing wine bottles tomorrow. (HT Robert Nacarano)

Evan Silva and Greg Cosell talk about Shonn Greene.

The Jets Blog writes about the right tackle problem.

Will Darrelle Revis rank higher on SB Nation's re-do of the to 100?

Will Mike DeVito see less playing time this year?

G.J. Kinne reacts to his release via social media.

Gerald Alexander seems to be a Metallica fan.

Corwin Brown has pleaded guilty but mentally ill.