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Flight Connections 06-27-12


Virginia Gazette: Tim Tebow wows football camp. Greg McElroy is feeling back to normal now. Wayne Hunter looms as a weak spot for the Jets. Vlad Ducasse cold be on his last legs with the Jets.

The Post: Joe McKnight could be ready for a breakout season.

ESPN New York: How the Jets spent their money.

AFC East Blog: The Jets' hidden treasure is at wide receiver.

Jets Insider: The Jets hope a change of pace can spark the offense.

The Metro: The Jets intend to prove defensive doubters wrong.

NY Jets Cap: Ranking offensive line pass protection.

Infinite Jets: Bob Talamini should be in Canton.

The Jet Press: Spotlight on Ken O'Brien.

Baltimore Sun: The son of Richie Anderson discusses his commitment to Maryland.

Shutdown Corner: Brett Favre likes Aaron Rodgers, loves Drew Brees and sees himself in Tony Romo.

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darshv5 continues with his expectations for the team.

rick34125 shares his half empty outlook.