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Flight Connections 06-22-12


Cutting ticket prices is always welcomed.

Tim Tebow will not be moving in to Northport. Of course not. That's where evil dwells.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson did not expect the Tebow trade, but he still believes in Mark Sanchez.

Wayne Hunter hopes to be consistently good this season.

Conor Orr shares a Q&A with Matt Slauson.

Jenny Vrentas shares a Q&A with David Harris.

Rex Ryan is hoping that sophomore Muhammad Wilkerson will have a great season.

The Jets Blog writes about sophomore Bilal Powell.

ESPN New York shares a list of Dustin Keller's favorite food places in the city. Mine is the dollar pizza on 38th and 8th.

The Warrior Beat shares photos of Royce Pollard at minicamp.

NYJOTP writes about the new Jets coaches.

The Jet Press responds to Kris Jenkins' quote.

Braylon Edwards will be hosting a charity event.

Plaxico Burress talked about Tebow and Sanchez.

John Abraham likes playing for Atlanta.

Deadspin shares a slideshow celebrating Bleacher Report's continuing success.