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Flight Connections 06-21-12


Here again is the link that bob shared yesterday, about the powerful Gang Green Gangsters.

I remember some people mentioning ticket prices yesterday. It seems that you do have the power, as the team lowers the price.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson talked about youth mentoring and the United Way.

Conor Orr shares a Q&A with Yeremiah Bell.

The Jets Blog shares a list of their offseason stars.

NYJOTP thanks LaDanian Tomlinson.

There seems to be not much interest in Plaxico Burress.

And now, videos galore!:

Here is the Jets Yearbook 1968. Check out the youtube page for more.

A fake news reporter tells some New Yorkers that Tim Tebow will be canonized, and other fake stuff.

Here is Ron Jaworski talking about Tebow.

Here is Howard Stern talking about Tebow.

Here is the sister of Nick Mangold in "Gumbel 2 Gumbel" talking to Bryant Gumbel.

Apparently, Nick is a pulled pork fanatic.

Here is a college highlight of Stephen Hill.

Here is Santonio Holmes in the top 100.

Here is Josh Mauga representing JetLife Stadium.

Rex Ryan talks about Darrelle Revis in the top 100.

Eric Smith spends a day with Jeane Coakley.

LaRon Landry speaks with

Here is a tribute to LT from

Here is LT for "21 Strikes for Kids".

And here is a Chargers at Jets game.

Here is Joe Namath talking about ESPN Classic.