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Top Five Offseason Moves: #4 Re-Signing Sione Pouha

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In an offseason where the Jets used a ton of resources chasing things that were not that good, it was refreshing to see the front office take care of a guy who had performed at a top level. Sione Pouha has come a long way since the team took him in the 2005 Draft. He saw sparing playing time until Kris Jenkins got hurt early in Sione's fifth season.

Over the next three years, Pouha developed into a rock at nose tackle. He cannot take over a game collapsing the pocket like Jenkins did, but he consistently does the most important job of any nose tackle, tying up two linemen and holding the point of attack so his linebackers have space to make plays.

With the Jets taking Quinton Coples and likely to use more four man fronts, I think you can make a case the Jets could have saved the money, played Mike Devito and Muhammad Wilkerson at tackle, and let Pouha go. I will never complain about retaining an excellent nose tackle, however.

It is great to have Sione holding the fort down until Kenrick Ellis is ready to take over.