My expectations for the team, part 5, by unpopular demand...

So, after the poll in the last edition, it was pretty lopsided that you guys wanted this to be about Core players. Unfortunately for you guys, this is my fanpost, and since I plan to be taking a hiatus from this site after this fanpost, I'll do the topic that i'd prefer to write about: the quarterbacks. We're just gonna go into the top two guys, since there's really not much to say about any of the other ones. ADVENTURE HO!!!

Mark Sanchez: I'll start with the short opinion and then the long one.

Short: average QB due to having no semblance of consistency at all, but does have a lot of talent, clutch moments, and shows up in big games. I expect at least a little improvement out of him this season, and significantly fewer turnovers.

Long: I could honestly go on and on and on about what I think of this guy. Not all good things, not all bad things. As stated above, I do see him as an average quarterback all things considered. I certainly haven't given up on him though. He's definitely shown how good he can be on many occasions, but it's difficult for some of us to pay attention to that because of some of the really bad performances he's also given us over the past few years. It's definitely a big year for him, and I'm not totally sure what to expect from him. I do think he'll be at least a little better than last season, at the very least not turning the ball over as much. If you want a passer, maybe like 81 or 82 with 12-16 turnovers. I think we could live with that, as long as the defense produces. Last season certainly was disappointing, and there's been plenty of criticism on him, and our former OC (all well-documented), but let's take a look at an aspect that nobody really seems to bring up,that I think is worth something.

Sanchez mentioned in an interview with a guy on Yahoo Sports (sorry, I don't have the link) that he was really starting to physically break down towards the end of the season. I actually take that with some significant meaning, because if you look back, you can really tell that the ball just didn't come out of his hands nearly as well for the last 6 games or so (there was also that neck stinger). His passes just didn't have much zip on them. Now let's take a look at his numbers for the first 9 games (minus the baltimore game, because that was just a total disaster).

158/263 (60.07%)

1962 yards, 14 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 7.4 Y/A

86.7 passer rating

Projected over an entire season, that comes out to

3,942 yards, 28 touchdowns, 18 interceptions

Now, those numbers aren't great, but they're very solid. In fact, those numbers would probably represent the best season we've had out of a quarterback since 2002. I remember that for the first half of the season, the consensus was that he took a step forward and was generally a middle-of-the-road quarterback. We were also 5-3 in these 8 games that I pooled in (again, I cut out the Baltimore game). And this was in the really quarterback-unfriendly Brian Schottenheimer offense. What do I mean by Quarterback unfriendly? Read this for some insight. This article also reveals some disturbing things about that system. Anyway, he really did look better before everything just went down the S***ter starting from that Thursday night game. It leads me to believe that him simply being healthier over the season (he's reportedly muscled up), now with a faster receiving corps, with an offense that seems to better suit his skillset, with a (hopefully) rejuvenated running game should lead to some better play next year. Speaking of that Thursday night game...

Tim Tebow: yeah, HE'S on our team now! In case anybody didn't hear about that (sarcasm). As much as ESPN wants it to be, this is not a quarterback competition, as Rex has let us know many times. It's Mark's job to lose. I don't really think I even need to say anything about the Campaign that this guy led last year, so, where does he stand now? He was brought in to be a backup quarterback, as well as a bigger, better Brad Smith. Well, as far as being a backup Quarterback, I think he's actually a pretty good safety net. I mean, he's proven that he can win with the help of a defense, and he's going to have a few snaps a game with the first team anyway, so I actually feel pretty good about him being a backup. As far as being a gadget player, we already know he's gonna be a personal protector on the punt team, which seems like a neat idea, as long as he doesn't get himself hurt. We know he's gonna have his own wildcat package, and it seems like he's the ideal guy to run such a package. That oughta be a nice little boost to our running game. Also, he weighs 250 pounds of muscle, I wouldn't wanna be the man who has to tackle this tank. And judging from that well-documented collapse last year, it's never a bad thing to have high-character guys in the locker room.

So, it all seems Rosy and good, right? Well, we all know that's not the case. He has a crazy fanbase following him (look at how many Twitter followers he has), and brings along a lot of media attention that's going to create headlines, and pressure on the guy above him on the depth chart. Lots risk involved with a rather delicate situation. Do I think it's gonna work? Well, It really just depends on whether or not Sanchez can hold his own on a consistent enough basis. If he plays well enough, and Tebow adds his own little spark in sub-packages, then i'd say it all works out. As I said, this is largely dependent on Mark's performance. I still kinda wish we didn't make this trade, but hey, no use complaining about it now, and I root for every Jet to be successful, so welcome aboard, Tim.

As I said at the beginning, i'm taking a bit of a break from this site, my activity will probably decrease until around when training camp starts, or unless something really interesting happens (i.e., a free agent signing). I'll still lurk around, and i'll respond to comments on this post until it dies down. Comments, as always, are encouraged.

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