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The Real Danger With Darrelle Revis

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I think Cimini spells out the real danger in the Darrelle Revis saga well below.

My gut feeling: no holdout, no new contract. There's some risk there for the Jets. If Revis has another Revis year, they'll have to pay him the sun and the moon in 2013, when they will be $19 million over the projected salary cap. Remember, they can't use the franchise tag on Revis in 2014. To a paraphrase the old Fram oil-filter slogan, you can pay him now or pay him later.

I couldn't care less if he holds out. What difference do a bunch of offseason headlines make? In some ways, I think a holdout would be better than him playing out his contract. Odds are the Jets will lose him if Darrelle ever hits free agency. Then bidding will go through the roof. Getting Revis locked up needs to be the top priority right now.