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Mike Devito Takes Things in Stride

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Mike Devito is not fazed by the team taking Quinton Coples in the first round of the Draft, even though it could reduce his playing time.

"I want to be a Jet. I want to play for this team," said DeVito, whose roster spot is essentially assured because he is due $2.5 million guaranteed. "I’m excited about this year, the way the team is building up. I’m excited about the atmosphere, the people here. It’s setting up for a great year. I can’t get into contract specifics, but this is the team I want to play for, and I am grateful it worked out where I am able to be here."

I might roll my eyes when I hear diplomacy like this from somebody else, but Devito is a guy who has never had anything handed to him. He was an undrafted free agent from the University of Maine who worked his way up from the practice squad to a starting role on a team that got within a game of the Super Bowl. His demeanor will make things easier, and his presence will give the Jets an extremely deep defensive line.