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New York Jets Welcome NFL Sons

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Bart Hubbuch has an interesting story about how the Jets are trying out the sons of three former NFL players.

Like the head coach, whose father Buddy famously roamed sidelines for decades, Matt Simms, Joe Suhey and D’Anton Lynn practically were born in a pro football locker room — Matt to ex-Giants Super Bowl winner Phil Simms, Joe to longtime Bears fullback Matt Suhey and D’Anton to Broncos running back-turned-Jets assistant coach Anthony Lynn.

I would be shocked if Simms stuck. It goes beyond the team's current quarterbacks guaranteed spots. He was extremely highly touted coming out of high school, but he had a very unimpressive college career. He looked like he was in over his head playing for the University of Tennessee. I think his Super Bowl winning father is the only reason people paid him any attention as a prospect.

With John Conner already on the team, the fullback Suhey is likely auditioning for a job somewhere else, hoping another team is impressed with him on tape.

Lynn could be the keeper of the group. He likely would have been drafted if not for a spring calf injury. He fought through it, but it caused him to underperform at the Combine and miss his pro day, which hurt his stock. He is a heady player and also has experience at safety. He has a real shot to compete with the two safeties the Jets took late for a spot. He might have gone ahead of them had he not been hurt.