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Quotes from Terrance Ganaway

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Eric Allen caught up with sixth round pick Terrance Ganaway and listened to what the rookie running back had to say.

"Enjoyable, fun, fast and a lot of information," said the Baylor product, who was the Jets’ second sixth-round selection one week ago. "A lot of messing up, blown assignments and stuff like that. Just trying to fit in where you fit in and make plays. It’s been fun, very long days. But this is what you dream of and it’s just going to make it all worthwhile in the end."

I am optimistic about a lot of the players the Jets took last weekend. I am not terribly excited based on what I have watched about Ganaway. It seems like he was helped a ton by playing with Robert Grffin III. Defenses played the pass, which opened him huge holes. He also did not look that physical for his size and did not look great to me after contact. His pass protection was pretty good, though.

My feeling watching Ganaway reminded me a ton of what I thought about Bilal Powell coming out of Louisville. He doesn't have a ton of wiggle. Once he gets going, he is a truck, but his initial acceleration is not very good. I thought that watching him in games, and then he had the worst 10 yard split at the Combine. Just like Powell, he had one big year in college also.

I could certainly be wrong, though. It wouldn't be the first time.