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Demario Davis Adds Speed to the Mix

Cimini comments on third round pick Demario Davis at rookie camp today.

Third-round LB Demario Davis has something the Jets' other LBs don't have -- speed. He recorded a "sack" in team drills, blitzing up the middle. Okay, he was unblocked, but you could see the burst. He also drops smoothly into coverage. Message to Bart Scott: You'd better be on your game when camp opens.

One thing I have felt since the end of the season is that the Jets needed to get younger and more athletic at the linebacker position. We always talk about the success tight ends have against Gang Green as an indictment of the safety play, which it is. It also is due to linebacker play, though. Davis was not a terribly impressive guy in coverage in college, but he has the raw tools to be really good if coached up.

I like Bart Scott as a player, but the Jets already have a better thumping linebacker against the run, David Harris. They need a fast guy with Davis' skill set. If he is ready to play, I want to see him in the lineup, Scott's seniority be darned. He just feels like what the defense needs. The Jets will be better off with run stopping safeties if they have a linebacker who can cover.

I could also see the Jets use Davis like Von Miller. He could play a typical linebacker spot on early downs. Then on passing downs, he could bounce outside and fly up the field on the outside with Aaron Maybin shooting up the other side.