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Flight Connections 05-31-12

Good news, Gang Green Gangsters! Our good friend Dan Vollmayer is back with a new video, and it looks like he had a lot of fun at the recent NFL Draft: Joe Namath was born today in 1943.

The Metro: Tony Sparano is recruiting as much as coaching.

ESPN New York: Sparano recruit Yeremiah Bell will be a leader on defense.

Bob Glauber: Phil Simms has concerns about the dynamic between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

AFC East Blog: Sanchez is the third best quarterback in the division.

Pro Football Weekly: Rookie long shot Ryan Steed was projected as one of the top man cornerbacks in the draft.

The Jets Blog: The Jets sign UDFA TE Tarren Lloyd.

CBS New York: The Jets will be a lot better than many are willing to accept.

JetNation: Predicting each Jets game versus the point spread.

SBN New York: The uniqueness of the little-brother teams.

Associated Press: The NFL will keep the Pro Bowl in Honolulu before the Super Bowl. I personally don't mind the game. It's not a real game but you get to see some of the best players on the field.

Palm Beach Post: Herman Edwards says "Hard Knocks" is harmless fun and not a distraction.

Here is Shonn Greene talking about Sanchez and Tebow, although the sound quality is pretty terrible:

Here is video about the birthday boy Broadway Joe:

Lastly, am I just me, or does this NSFW leaked preview of Dolphins Hard Knocks not look legit?