GGN Thread About Nothing #19 Runnin With The Devils

Now, this is a concept that many other sites are using currently, they are:

Jack-A-Thread (JAT) Off-Topic Activities (OTA) at Pats Pulpit: yeah, this is a pat fan thing. The guys there are nice as long as you check that "damn i hate you guys" attitude at the door. I agree it's a hard thing to do, so here are the others.

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APC Open Threads at Acme Packing Company: Packer fans, very nice guys btw. I haven't commented there much, but they've been generally helpful when asked some questions regarding some guys.

NFC East Eternal Threads (bEAST) at Bleeding Green Nation: Well, i heard this is a colorful place, so be cautious if you are expecting pictures of cute little bunnies and stuff.

Official Community Thread at Niners Nation: Well, they have a no cursing policy, so maybe this is your place if you like bunnies and stuff. I haven't been there much, so i don't know.

(NEW!) CSC Lagniappe Perpetually Open Thread (POT) at Canal Street Chronicles: Well, they have a no cursing policy too, but i think it's a little more colorful then niners nation. Got to love any thread named POT, so yeah, it can't be too bad.

AFC South Eternal Thread at Battle Red Blog: I think was the first one, so you get fans from all teams, but mostly Colt, Texan and Patriot fans. The idea of this thread came form here, a lot of great guys here, besides pud, everyone else is great, just not pud.

So as you see, this is not a new concept. The point of this thread is for us as fans to get to know each other a little better, to get away from the seriousness that is this sites front page. You talk about any topic from football to seinfeld, especially seinfeld. You can post an interesting story the other day, some music that your listening too or a funny pic/gif/link that you found. If you are bored and are on your computer at 2 am, why not come by and schmooze here? Of course, this post is not off-limit to football, on the contrary, if you want to discuss something about browns, you can discuss them here. They are random, you know.

Now, the rules:

The rules that we have on the rest of this site apply here also. This is a family site, so keep it relativity clean.

No links or gifs that are not allowed anywhere else on this site. Don't say you didn't know, you have been warned.

Don't troll anywhere else, and try to keep arguments to a minimum.

Don't bother other fans who might come here. Try to check your hate for their teams at the door. This a friendly thread, be friendly.

Rec this thread so it stays up. It would be kind of annoying to try an dig this up, so rec this.

When a new one of these comes up, un-rec the other one, so we don't have to many of these in the reccomended posts at one time.

How did we get this name? Thanks to dvdvil for coming up with this gem

The Thread About Nothing

Bro Namath: What is this thread about?
rexthejet: Absolutely nothing. What did you do today?
Bro Namath: I got up and came to work.
rexthejet: There's a thread. That's a thread.
dabu7: It's a thread about nothing.
Bro Namath: Well, why am I reading it?
rexthejet: Because it's on GGN.

John B Not yet.

CervezaVerde: These pretzels are making me thirsty.

and the HOLMES of the... JETS!!!
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Am I just me? Or am I hot in here?

by dvdvil on Feb 12, 2012 10:25 PM EST replyactions

yup, we're getting fancy. For the devils, i mean, even Rex was in the crowd.

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