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Biography of a Jet: Tim Tebow

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I tried to let the dust settle on this one before he got his own bio post. Love him or hate him, for better or worse, Tim Tebow is a New York Jet for at least the immediate future. Polarizing and controversial as he may be as a figure, he is entitled to his very own Biography of a Jet post like the others.

Tim Tebow was born Timothy Richard Tebow in Makati City, Philippines on August 14, 1987 to parents Robert Ramsey Tebow II and Pamela Elaine Tebow, a Baptist pastor and daughter of an accomplished U.S. Colonel, respectively. Tim has four siblings and at least four nieces and nephews. The boys of the family are bachelors, and professed missionaries and virgins. Please note there is nothing derogatory intended about statements about the Tebows faith or personal choices, I'm simply trying to illustrate that his decidedly un-famous family has made the same exact lifestyle choices he has, as have millions of people in and out of the U.S.

The youngest of the Tebows, Tim is already the most accomplished athlete of his family. We'll get into the life and times of our dear Tim, but it's gonna be a long one, so after the jump.

Originally expected to be stillborn after his mother slipped into a coma (she's fine now) while pregnant with him, Tim reportedly came into the world "skinny, but rather long." according to his mother. Tim would remain in the Philippines until he was three, when his family moved back to the United States. The growing family had been committed to preaching and missionary work since the 1960's, and were no strangers to spreading their faith in Florida, where they returned to, settling a home in the Jacksonville area.

Tim became immersed in and dedicated to athletics almost immediately. His oldest sister recalls stories of Tim developing an ego while playing, and his mother pulling him away from the game and lecturing him on humility. I will make one divisive and controversial statement that neither John B, GGN, SBN or anyone else loosely affiliated with me endorses or condones: a great many do not seem to live their faith as they preach it, but the Tebows certainly seem to. Every single one of them is deeply involved in humanitarian work around the globe.

Tim was home schooled in his formative years. While it could be noted that this is a common practice among the deeply religious, people do it for secular reasons as well, and I was home schooled my self for a few years, giving me a deep sympathy for Tebow or anyone else who suffers from awkwardness, or are not welcomed into mainstream media and society with open arms. But anyway...a Floridian law passed in 1996 allowed for home schooled children to play in athletics and other public school activities.

Tim got his start playing both linebacker and tight end at Trinity Christian Academy for a single season. Tebow already wanted to play QB, so he got an apartment in sunny Ponte Vedra Beach, within another school district, making him eligible to play in Nease High School's heavier passing offense. This was probably Tebows first major foray into the media spotlight and as a controversial figure, as Tebow had exercised his own choice in public school, something many of us are not legally entitled to.

Nease was where Tebow first became prominently known for his dual-threat QB style and his guts on the field. At one point Tebow actually finished out a game with a broken fibula. If you've never had a broken bone in your leg, it can be absolutely excruciating, possibly bordering on a pain you have never felt and hopefully never will. In spite of missing the rest of his junior season of the injury, he was already a top rated prospect for college. Tebow came back in his senior year and led his team to a State title. Tebow was named Florida player of the year on consecutive occasions. Before he was even in college, Tebow was the focus of pieces on ESPN and in Sports Illustrated.

Tebow ultimately chose Florida for its spread offense, receiving a scholarship to play for the Gators. Tebow did not play that significantly during his freshman year as he was a backup, seeing his first action in a goal line rushing TD against Southern Miss. His next year couldn't possibly stand in greater contrast to his first. I first became aware of Tim Tebow when he won the Heisman trophy in 2007 as a sophomore. This season he again finished out a game with bone fractures, this time to his hand. The next year Tebow led his Gators to another BCS championship, narrowly losing a second Heisman award after Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford beat him out in voting. The following year, the Gators had a 13-1 season. With good reason, people were getting very excited about Tebow. Tebow would beat Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl, his last game before graduating with a bachelors degree in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences.

According to, Tebow finished his college career having broken 5 NCAA records, 14 conference records, and nearly 30 records for Florida State athletes. Tebow is the SEC's all-time leader in passing efficiency, interestingly enough.

Tim Tebow is also cited as the driving reason behind banning messages on eye and face paint in games for his religious references, however the NCAA claims that several other players did the same thing with more secular messages, and they insist the practice was not banned as a result of Tebow.

With the onset of the 2010 NFL draft came a bit of a crash back down to Earth for Tebow and the unbridled success he had been experiencing. While "analysts" such as Jon Gruden gushed about Tebow and predicted that he could change the face of the sport entirely, the majority of scouts and gamer analysts were deeply critical of Tebows potential and skill set, especially his throwing motions. Kiper Jr. was the first and the loudest of the critics to predict that Tebow could not transition to the NFL as a full time QB. Soon, this became the majority opinion. Tebow slid for top 10 prospect to mid-round fodder nearly overnight. Many predicted that Tebow would fall to the Jaguars in the second or third round, or even later.

As you probably are already fully aware, the Broncos defied convention and drafted Tebow 25th overall in the first round after sending a pick package to the Baltimore Ravens to move up. Apparently former HC Josh McDaniels was the deciding voice in acquiring Tebow, the source of inspiration for Bill Williams oft-repeated line "...McDaniels legacy is Tim Tebow". Tebow was given the number 15, the same as his number as a prolific college player. Tebow signed a five year 11.25 million dollar contract with the Broncos, with over 8 million guaranteed and escalators and incentives reaching over 30 million dollars.

Tebow would play situationally and as a backup for the majority of his rookie year. His first major play in the NFL was a five yard rushing TD against the New York Jets in the. Although Tebow played very limited snaps under the Broncos as a rookie, he was named the starter for the final three virtually meaningless games, even pulling out a victory against the Texans.

Tim Tebow would start the 2011 season yet again as a backup, however Kyle Orton and the entire team would play below standards, starting with a 1-4 record in the first five games. Tebow replaced Orton against the Chargers, although they would ultimately fall short and barely lose anyway. After leading a near come back, John Fox would name Tebow the starter over Orton to try and salvage the Broncos season. With Tebow starting the team would go 7-4, defeating the Dolphins Raiders Chiefs Jets and Chargers in consecutive games before falling to the Pats in mid-season action. After three losses, John Elway began to visibly lose faith in a QB many alleged that he never supported. Tebow responded by "pulling the trigger" and helping to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 at home in a playoff game. In spite of completing less than 50% of his passes, Tebow set a Broncos franchise record for QB rating.The next week the Patriots would soundly defeat the Broncos 45-10 and end Tebows season, and career with the Broncos. That year, Tebow would be rated 95th of the NFL's top 100.

Then, this year the unthinkable happened. One of the most accomplished QB's of our time, Peyton Manning, was released by the Colts after missing over a year with a neck injury. Instantly Manning became the most followed free agent since Brett Favre left the Packers years ago. Manning offered Elway the chance to sign a legendary QB equally famous and hyped compared to his own, and jettison his existing QB that he clearly never believed in without enduring much criticism. In my humble opinion, Elway desperately wanted the Tebow experiment to end, and he got his wish.

After drafting Tebow with the 25th overall pick not even two years prior, and watching him lead their franchise to a playoff run after starting 1-4, The Broncos traded their starting QB (along with a seventh rounder) to the New York Jets for fourth and sixth round picks in the 2012 NFL draft. The rest is history that I'm sure you've been all too aware of in recent months.

Tebow has released memoirs, been the subject of a documentary, been on the cover of and the subject of countless magazines, and he has inspired both millions who love him for his character and faith, and millions more who mock in as an internet meme. Never in my life have I seen such a deeply controversial and divisive player in the NFL.

Go here for a comprehensive listings of the awards Tebow has received.

Whether a gimmick to sell PSL's and get media attention, or a genuine signing truly meant to push our starting QB, in either situation it seems to be working. The circus has come to town, and Sanchez is thriving in OTA's. Tebow is taking the high road as expected, and I think he always will. I may not personally agree with him or everything he does, but Tim Tebow does a lot of great things as a humanitarian. No matter what you think of our new addition, Tebow is an impressive and well accomplished physical specimen. My personal advice is to ride it out. Whether Sanchez endures or we go through a Tebow experiment of our own, this will pass. I urge you not to vilify anyone because they are different, or even if their throwing motions leave a lot to be desired. I leave you with a famous line from Abraham Lincoln:

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

That's all. These are the life and times of Tim Tebow, and I expect before his tenure here is over this incredible young man will leave his mark on our franchise, for better or worse.

Here goes everything...