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Flight Connections 05-30-12


Happy Hump Day, Gang Green Gangsters!

Here is the video for yesterday's "Deconstructing the Defense with Mike Pettine".

Here is the video of Stephen Hill and other rookies at the NFLPA trading card photo shoot.

Here is a video of Muhammad Wilkerson's SNY interview.

Here is a video of Nick Mangold's NFLN interview.

Nick chose to stay in training camp instead of watching his sister at the Olympics.

Tony Sparano wants to protect the football.

DaMarcus Ganaway, not related to Terrance Ganaway, hopes to stick with Gang Green.

Get yourself a suite at MetLife Stadium, and make sure you invite me when you do.

The Dolphins will be the stars of "Hard Knocks" this summer.

Lastly, am I just me, or does this leaked preview of Dolphins Hard Knocks not look legit?: