My interview with Terrance Ganaway

I recently had an amazing opportunity to talk with our newest running back, Terrance Ganaway. First I want to thank Terrance for taking his time to call me and speak with me. From the beginning of the conversation I can tell Terrance is a great guy. Laughing all the time, joking around. He’s going to be not only a great addition to the team as a player but a great locker room guy as well. Follow me after the jump to see how the interview went.

BW: Terrance, I first wanted to start off by thanking you for taking your time and speaking with me and congratulate you both on being drafted by the team with the greatest fan base in the league and on your recent marriage.

TG: Thank you, I’m excited to be a Jet.

BW: What was going through your head when you got the phone call that the Jets were drafting you?

TG: Well, when the call came in I thought they were telling me they wanted to bring me in as a UDFA, then when they told me they were drafting me I was floored.

BW: Who from the Jets organization called you? Rex? Tanny? Woody?

TG: Nah, the personnel director called me.

BW: Have you chosen a number yet?

TG: Yea, 42

BW: Why 42?

TG: Well I wanted 24 that’s the number I wore in college but apparently someone already has it. So I decided to just switch the numbers around.

BW: Yea I don’t think 24 is available. How do you feel you fit in the Jets system?

TG: I feel I fit really well, I’m a downhill scheme runner and I know I didn’t run too much between the tackles in college but I know I can.

BW: Are there any current or former NFL players that you would compare yourself to?

TG: I don’t know if I would compare myself to anyone but I like the way Adrian Peterson plays. But I just want to be Terrance Ganaway and have people compare themselves to me.

BW: Who was your team growing up?

TG: Eagles, my uncle played there.

BW: Who was your favorite player?

TG: Brian Dawkins

BW: So you upset he’s out of the league now or you excited that you don’t have to face him.

TG: Haha, I’m glad I don’t have to play against him but I would have loved to be on the field at the same time as him.

BW: What is the biggest thing you need to work on to be a good pro?

TG: I guess if there was one thing I had to work on most is holding the ball closer to my body and not let those defensive guys knock the ball out.

BW: have you met any of the guys on the Jets yet?

TG: Not yet ill be in NY on May 3 and meet everyone then.

BW: Gang Green Nation had an approval poll during the draft of your pick, and 89% agreed with the pick, how does that make you feel?

TG: Wow 89% I'm going to make a lot of people excited I hope I live up to all you expectations.

BW: Now Terrance as a 6th round pick you will have to play special teams, is that something you are comfortable with.

TG: Yea I can do anything on the field I'm told to do. I just want the chance to play and contribute.

BW: Playing at Baylor, there wasn’t that much media attention, now in NY your going to the media capital of the world, are you ready for that?

TG: I like having fun with the media and I’m getting used to all the NY media its going to be fun.

BW: You played next to such a dynamic player in RG3, what was that like?

TG: You should ask Rob what it was like to play with such a dynamic player like Terrance Ganaway.

Rob’s a lot of fun he’s got a ton of character he’s extremely competitive and makes his team better. He helped me be a better player.

BW: You have any thought on who you starting Qb should be now?

TG: Nah that’s not my decision that’s the coaches call, I just need to worry about fighting for a position on the team.

BW: Terrance thanks for your time, looking forward to a great season.

TG: Thanks bro, Go Jets!

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