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Flight Connections 05-27-12


Gang Green is the 19th most popular team in the NFL, according to

Manish Mehta writes a terrific piece on the aggressive perfector Tony Sparano.

The Denver's Post's readers react to Tim Tebow and the media.

USA Today wonders if Tebow is already falling behind Mark Sanchez.

Rich Cimini pats himself on the back because he thinks he got Tebow to "let down his guard".

Jeremy Kerley hosted a football camp yesterday.

Demaryius Thomas is giving advice to fellow Georgia Tech alum Stephen Hill.

Kimberley A. Martin writes about Quinton Coples' North Carolina brand.

Bob Glauber writes about Bart Scott's undisputed attitude.

The MadBacker wouldn't want his kid playing football. shares video of Yeremiah Bell talking about his new team.

The Jets Blog wonders if the team will have more unbalanced lines this season.

Niners Nation doesn't understand the Jets draft. They seem to think they are expendable youth, which will lead to a season in the abyss.

SioneBAAOOOHA writes about how to go 19-0 this season.

manuvsteal is excited about CB Donnie Fletcher.

iHateDougBrien is excited about the Ground and Pound.

ejred3 projects the 2012 starters.

oneg82 writes about being a Jets fan.

This Associated Press columnist believes sports betting should be legal.

This is off-topic, but apparently, the 69ers didn't win last night.

Here is Nick Mangold's public display of dismemberment on Jimmy Fallon's show:

Here is Nick with Artie Lange:

Here is Part 2 of the interview.

Here is a Jets-Dolphins game from 1997: