Perfection: A completely biased and totally unrealistic view of how the New York Jets can make history and go 19-0 this year

OTAs have just started. Football is months away. What's a fan to do? The obvious answer; post opinions on the internet. Right now, there are millions of people who truly believe that 'their' team will find a way to win the big game this year. They are sure that every draft pick will pan out, every clutch moment will be met with a major performance and that their favorite player will have an MVP type season. Never mind that some of these people are Browns or Dolphins fans. This is how most fans psyche themselves up for the year to come. With blind faith.

I have never been a fan of realistic analysis this early in the year. Until you get to the end of preseason you really have no idea what your team is going to look like. You could be a perennial playoff contender and lose a key player, and find yourself in contention for the first pick in the draft, or you could be a team with no notable stars that suddenly finds your identity under a new head coach and rocks the league. This early in the year for me, is a time to dream big. A time to look at all the positives of your team and hope that none of those negatives that eat away at your more rational self actually materialize on the field. In predicting a 19-0 season, you of course take this to another level of complete and utter foolishness. Which is what I intend to do here. The following is a completely biased and totally unrealistic view of how the New York Jets can make history and go 19-0 this year.

As a bonus- includes TEBOWTRACKER!

WEEK 1- vs Buffalo : The New York Jets start the season on a high note, blowing out the overyhyped Bills at home. The game resembles the Buffalo blowouts from the past two years, with solid defense of a subpar Buffalo attack, complete control of Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson by David Harris and Darelle Revis, and a lethal ground and pound attack that nets Shonn Greene 128 yards and 3 scores. The vaunted Buffalo front line gets one sack, but is clearly not ready for prime time. Quinton Coples records his first NFL sack. Jets 34 - Bills 10

TEBOWTRACKER!- 2 rushes for 27 yards, 0/1 passing for 0 yards

WEEK 2- at Pittsburgh: A hard fought game that is ultimately won by Pittsburgh's late-game inability to stop the pass. Stephen Hill catches his first NFL td in the 4th quarter, a 62 yard completion for Mark Sanchez, enabled by Shonn Greene's monster block on a blitzing Troy Polamalu. Darelle Revis ends a late drive by the Steelers with his first interception of the year on a deep attempt to Mike Wallace. Quinton Coples continues his strong early season play, making several big stops on run defense and batting a couple of passes. Jets 27 - Steelers 20

TEBOWTRACKER! - 1 rush for 2 yards, 1/1 passing for 27 yards, 1 fumble

WEEK 3- at Miami: The New York Jets drop Miami to 0-3 on the year in decisive fashion. New York loads up on the run and plays single coverage across the board against Miami's neutered passing attack. Antonio Cromartie has two picks, Quinton Coples records 1 1/2 sacks and Aaron Maybin forces a fumble that Bart Scott returns for a score. New York's offense is tempered by a feisty Miami D, but the Jets don't need much from them to win this one as the defense asserts itself. Jets 17 - Dolphins 0

TEBOWTRACKER! - 3 rushes for 22 yards

WEEK 4- vs San Franciso: The toughest game of the young season, the New York Jets eke out a Rex Ryan type win with gritty second-half defense. Their only touchdown of the day comes on a screen to Joe McKnight from 40 yards out. Stephen Hill endears himself to the fans with his ferocious blocking downfield, as he upends Donte Whitner to spring McKnight for the score. Sanchez throws his first pick of the season. Frank Gore starts hot but the Jets D adjusts accordingly. Vernon Davis is a non-factor as he is beautifully bracketed by a combination of Bart Scott, Yeremiah Bell and Laron Landry. Jets 13 - 49ers 7

TEBOWTRACKER! - 2 rushes for 0 yards

WEEK 5- vs Houston: New York has a strong outing against a Houston team with early season issues. Their defense is struggling with adjustments and their run blocking has fallen off a bit from last year. Foster and Tate have a few good carries each but are mostly controlled by the Jets front seven. Andre Johnson is blanketed by Revis and the jets effectively use a combination of corners, safeties and linebackers to take away the tight ends. Matt Schaub continues his early season struggles with two picks thrown. Ground and Pound is gaining effectiveness, with a combined 177 rushing yards from Greene/McKnight/Tebow. Stephen Hill catches his second deep TD of the year. Jets 27- Texans 17

TEBOWTRACKER! - 4 rushes for 41 yards, 0/1 passing for 0 yards

WEEK 6 - vs Indianapolis: The Andrew Luck show comes to town... and leaves with a black eye. New York batters both sides of the rebuilding Colts team, moving the ball at will on the ground and through the air and shutting down the fledgling offense all day. Darelle Revis records two of NY's three interceptions, Demario Davis forces a fumble on a kick return and Dustin Keller grabs a pair of TDs. Jets fans get their first extended look at Tim Tebow in the 4th quarter of a blowout. Jets 41 - Colts 9

TEBOWTRACKER! - 7 rushes for 47 yards , 3/9 passing for 63 yards, 1 td

WEEK 7 - at New England: The surprisingly 3-3 New England Patriots bring their best game against the New York Jets, and fall just short. After a rocky start to the season, losing Aaron Hernandez for the year and watching new receiver Brandon Lloyd fail to get on the same page with Tom Brady, New England has an efficient game against the Jets defense with Gronkowski leading the way with 3 td receptions. Mark Sanchez and the NY offense respond blow-for-blow, shredding New England's putty secondary to the tune of 326 yards and 4 tds, and efficiently running the clock out late in the 4th quarter, not allowing Brady a chance to win it at the end. Jets 35 - Patriots 31

TEBOWTRACKER! - 2 rushes for 9 yards

WEEK 8- vs Miami: Miami comes in riding high, having won 2 of its last 3 games since their early defeat by the Jets. The Jets set them right back down with an offensive explosion from Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller. Mark Sanchez continues his MVP type play with three TD passes, bringing his half season total to 16 tds and only 3 ints thrown. Reggie Bush runs for 89 yards and a score but nobody else on Miami contributes anything significant. Jets 33 - Dolphins 14

TEBOWTRACKER! - no touches


TEBOWTRACKER! - 3 broadway shows, each suspiciously featuring at least 2 topless scenes by women.

WEEK 10- at Seattle: The New York Jets start their second half strong with a dominant victory over the mediocre Seahawks. Leon Washington returns a kickoff for a score against his old team but the rest of Seattle is proven ineffective against a much more talented NY team. Quinton Coples has a monster game, recording three sacks and forcing a fumble. Jets 24 - Seahawks 7

TEBOWTRACKER! - 1 rush for 13 yards, 0/2 passing for 0 yards

WEEK 11- at St. Louis: Brian Schottenheimer, still bitter about his departure from NY, decides to call his best trick plays and most complicated offensive sets in this game against his former team. Jets 28 - St. Louis 3

TEBOWTRACKER! - no touches

WEEK 12 - vs New England: New England's nightmare season continues as Brian Hoyer makes his first NFL start for the concussed Tom Brady. New England plays valiantly but is no match for a Jets team that is firing on all cylinders. This game is over by the end of the 3rd quarter. Jets 33 - Patriots 13

TEBOWTRACKER! - 8 rushes for 42 yards , 2/3 for 21 yards

WEEK 13- vs. Arizona Cardinals: Kerry Rhodes makes headlines for some choice comments about Rex Ryan leading up to the game but the game itself is a boring win for New York. Revis continues his DPOY-type season and shuts down Fitzgerald, Shonn Greene runs for 155 yards and the Jets keep waiting for a challenge. Jets 24 - Cardinals 10

TEBOWTRACKER! - 2 rushes for 14 yards

WEEK 14- at Jacksonville : The jacksonville jaguars give new york a scare with their best game of the season, but Bart Scott saves the day with a forced fumble on Maurice Jones Drew in the Jets red zone with under two minutes to play. Sione Pouha recovers the loose ball and the jets escape Jacksonville with a win. Jets 20- Jaguars 14

TEBOWTRACKER! - 3 rushes for 18 yards, 0/2 passing for 0 yards

WEEK 15- at Tennessee: The Titans and their on-again/off-again defense shows up to play, but cannot score on the Jets D, who record their second shutout of the season. Offense is hard to come by, but Shonn Greene continues his strong season with 95 yards and a score. Wayne Hunter gives up his first sack of the season. Jets 16 - Titans 0

TEBOWTRACKER! - no touches

WEEK 16- vs. San Diego: The San Diego Chargers come in to NY trying to keep pace with the surprising Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos, all three of which are tied for their division lead. San Diego loses Antonio Gates to injury in the second quarter and cannot adjust their game plan, failing to score in the second half. Quinton Coples has another multi-sack game and is at this point considered a shoo-in for defensive rookie of the year. Jets 21 - Chargers 13

TEBOWTRACKER! - 4 rushes, 17 yards

WEEK 17 - at Buffalo: The Buffalo Bills were eliminated from playoff contention the week before and Rex Ryan decides against sitting his starters, though he says he will pull them early. Buffalo's defense has played a lot better as of late but find themselves the second half victims of TEBOW MAGIC. New York celebrates its 16-0 regular season with a team celebration at midfield in which Santonio Holmes introduces his new celebration, a tebowing that transforms into a jet and flies off yelling 'WHEEE!' Jets 24 - Bills 14

TEBOWTRACKER! - 9 rushes for 86 yards, 7/16 passing for 102 yards and 2 tds


TEBOWTRACKER! - spotted at comic book convention, buying comics that feature busty, scantily clad women saving the universe.

WEEK 19 - vs #4 seeded Kansas City - The surprising Kansas City Chiefs come in to MetLife stadium riding high after surviving Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the wild card round, and are promptly reminded of their status in the NFL with a sound whupping by the New York jets. A rested Jets team is peaking at the right time. Despite a very good day by Jamaal Charles, Kansas City is blown out. Jets 48 - Chiefs 21

TEBOWTRACKER! - 4 rushes for 26 yards, 2/2 passing for 37 yards

WEEK 20- vs Baltimore: The jets and ravens play a thrilling back-and-forth war of inches. Both defenses shine, but the hero of the game is Joe McKnight and his kickoff return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter with the jets down three. Antonio Cromartie ends the game with a leaping interception in the last minute of the game, and New York heads to the Super Bowl. Jets 14 - Ravens 10

TEBOWTRACKER! - 3 rushes for 2 yards


TEBOWTRACKER! - Visits playboy mansion to "tell them about Jesus."

WEEK 22- SUPER BOWL vs Chicago: After fighting their way through the Eagles, the Packers and the Falcons to earn their berth in the big game, the 6th seeded Chicago Bears bring their high flying attack of Cutler to Marshall to face the 18-0 New York Jets. Taking his cue from the last time these two teams met, Rex Ryan designs an aggressive blitzing scheme with the intent of forcing Cutler to make the hurried throws that are usually his downfall, and the plan works to perfection. Cutler throws three first half picks and four overall, two of which are returned for scores. The Jets go up 21 - 0 at halftime and spend the entire second half trading long drives with the Bears, who never even get within ten. the game's MVP is awarded to Darelle Revis, who had two picks and limited Brandon Marshall to one catch for 13 yards. Jets 35 - Bears 21

TEBOWTRACKER! - 3 rushes for 49 yards

The Parade runs down 6th avenue.

TEBOWTRACKER! - On the cheerleader float, checking pom-pom quality.

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