Will G&P Be Back in 2012?

I think the first time I really saw the Ground and Pound dominate the way intended was our Wild Card match-up against the colts in 2011 when we kept Peyton Manning off the field for a 17 play 87 yard drive that killed 10 minutes in the 2nd half. I remember watching Peyton on the bench wasting away while the Jets enforced their will and did what they did best.

More thoughts after the jump.

The difference between the toughest rushing defense and the worst is significant. SF allowed 1236 yards while Tampa gave up 2497. Thats a difference of 1261 yards, Thats more than Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight combined.

The following is a break down of our 2012 opponents and there 2011 defensive rushing stats to try and get a feel for how much success we will have returning to Ground and Pound.

WK-1- BUF- #28 / 4.8 YPC / 139 YPG.

WK-2- PIT- #8 / 4.0 YPC / 99.8 YPG

WK-3- MIA- #3 / 3.7 YPC / 95.6 YPG

WK-4- SF- #1 / 3.5 YPC / 77.3 YPG

WK-5- HOU #4 / 4.1 YPC / 96 YPG

WK-6- IND #29 / 4.3 YPC / 143.9 YPG

WK-7- NE #17 / 4.6 YPC / 117.1 YPG

WK-8- MIA #3 / 3.7 YPC / 95.6 YPG


WK-10-SEA #15 / 3.8 YPC / 112.3 YPG

WK-11- STL #31 / 4.8 YPC / 152.1 YPG

WK-12- NE #17 / 4.6 YPC / 117.1 YPG

WK-13- ARI #21 / 4.2 YPC / 124.1 YPG

WK-14- JAC #9 / 3.8 YPC / 104.2 YPG

WK-15- TEN #24 / 4.5 YPC / 128.3 YPG

WK-16- SD #20 / 4.4 YPC / 122.2 YPG

WK-17- BUF #28 / 4.8 YPC / 139 YPG

I fully understand that teams have made changes via FA / Draft and these 2011 statistics will not remain the same throughout the 2012 season. Alot has to do with your opponents, time of year, or if you had the misfortune of going against Darren Mcfadden when he gets hot. Its still a pretty solid place to start if you want to gameplan for certain opponents.

That 4 game stretch higlighted in bold is going to be brutal for our ground game BUT that could be Sanchez' opportunity to light it up through the air and solidify his spot as our starter / OR it could be the start of more Tebow Wildcat plays. Who the heck knows, all i know is its gonna be rough.

Depth Chart

1- Shonn Greene- Should once again be our bell cow and lead the team in all rushing catagories.

2- Joe Mcknight- Needs to stay in shape to be our burner/ change of pace back.

3- Terrance Gannaway- Goal line and Short yardage back.

4- Bilal Powell- Mehh, but hopefully they give the kid a chance to lose his job.

5- Tim Tebow- lol. idk. Hopefully this wildcat thing works.

I'd give our RB squad a B+

We have zero stars at the position, but they are all capable. We need to learn to run to the outside and i dont know if we do have the right rb's or tackles for that.

So, we have a pretty generous schedule in terms of opposing run defense, only having 6 games against teams with above average rushing defenses. I think we all agree that the 2012 Jets have the depth and talent at the RB position to lead the league in rushing as we did in 2009. Shonn Greene (CONTRACT YEAR!!!) is going to be pushed all season by McKnight and our own Brandon Jacobs 2.0 for that future starting job. Throw in TT and a few WC plays and it looks pretty promising. BUT at the end of the day, alot rides on Tony Sparano and Rex Ryan to utilize our players properly.

I believe that Ground and Pound will back in a big way, what do you think?

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