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Flight Connections 05-26-12


Clark Judge spoke with sidelined ST Coach Mike Westhoff.

Mark Sanchez spoke with reporters this week.

Dustin Keller talked about finding their identity.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson honored a middle school in West Orange for the Eat Right, Move More Program.

Bart Scott and Rex Ryan are on the same page regarding his role on defense.

Sione Pouha donated some money to the University of Utah.

Pouha and Fui Vakapuna grew up together.

The Jets Blog has confidence in the skills of Terrance Ganaway.

AFC East Blog ranks Santonio Holmes as the second best receiver in the division.

A Jets fan writes about Nick Mangold's super bowl chorizo bacon chili.

The Jet Press writes about being a Jet fan.

James Farrior may be retiring soon.

New Jersey wants to legalize sports gambling, which will hopefully not affect the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium.